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  1. When I said realistic *must not have read fullY* I did state 'IF' Vampires were real in the rl world. Then yes it would be realistic....other than that I spoke merely from stories Ive read that included vampirism. And which btw since my post, I have had someone feed on me. No I hadn't known until he told me. No I wasn't bothered by it...simply because it has no effect on your avy in world what so ever. The vampire can feed on me til my blood is nearly gone...which replenishes in a day or so...so whats the problem? You don't have to 'bu' anything to replenish that blood etc... and maybe before
  2. Hello all, I stumbled across this posting and would like to add my own words. Personally I am highly thinking of becoming a Progeny Vampire. My reason? Simple...its because of those I have seen, read about etc...Progeny seems the most realistic. Sure I know in real life Vampires don't exist but in the many stories I've read, the victims never had a choice either...unless they are given the choice to be turned. Of course if there were real Vampires in RL that would create havoc. But since there isn't and since this is SL we are speeking of...well we are juts only Pixals after all. Being bitte
  3. Well its the same horse or horses...never the others. Owners of the sim take good care of the land has alot of staff in case its needed....they do a sim restart once a week unless someone contacts them asking for it earlier. There is no lage or anything either. We originally thought it was someone who had my adit rights and come on land to do this....but I solved that by taking away the edit rights from all who had them and same thing still happens. My point mainly is why would I pay hard eanred money for a premium account that really doesnt give you much...nor does their support. My other
  4. Ok anyone else having issues about rezzed objects being moved or rotated? I've a few Amaretto Horses...and for the past week I have logged in to find 1-3 of them either moved or rotated. I tried sending in a ticket only for LL to tell me they can't help me because I'm a basic member...which is bull seeing as it is clearly an issue with SL and not my viewer etc...I am not the only one to see this. Friend of mine actually logged into SL's Viewer (we normally use Firestorm) and the same issue is there. I used to have a premium account on another account...which I got rid of because its not worth
  5. Hello everyone, I'm the CEO of Equinox Dance Club. Equinox Dance Club is a fairly new club in SL. We are currently hiring DJ's, Hosts, and Dancers. If you have these qualifications and are interested in a job. Please contact myself (Nyxnue Resident) or Varek Aichi (Owner) in world. Or please visit the slurl below. Upon landing at the club, you will be given the Equinox Dance Club packet along with the LM for the land. Inside the packet you'l find applications for DJ's, Hosts, and Dancers. Please fill out the corresponding application and send it to either Nyxnue Resident or Varek Aichi in worl
  6. Thats just it I have tried everything possible. And since it is not only me with this issue then it has to lie somewhere with the servers. I have done everything Firestorm/phoenix have told me to do...and get same result. On their site it states if you have done all but nothing works then it is with the server and not with the viewer or the person's pc. Three different people, all living in different places in the world...yet all have this same issue? I'm sure many others have had this as well. It only just started and happen suddenly after a maintenence of the servers. This tells me its the
  7. ello! I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue? I normally use Firestorm, and yes I have checked their site did all they said....still not working. They said if you do all they say to do and its still not working then its to do with SL Servers. Up until last night my voice worked fine. My friend's worked up until two nights agao (night befor mine and another friend's voice quit on us). She used a different third party viewer from what I use, and hers quit working. She downloaded Firestorm to see if it will work...still nothing...then she downloads Second Life's main viewer....and g
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