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  1. This is a Luxury mainland sold by Hamilton Estates, This is a great place next to a road with a busy region, You could have a shop here and will get noticed! Size-512 Type-Mainland Theme-Snow Price-600l one time payment. FREE MAINLAND! if you have a paid account and don't own any mainland at the moment, You will receive a free 512 allowance. You can use that allowance to buy this land and have it TIER FREE. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Loon/4/136/108
  2. The marketplace since it came to marketplace.secondlife.com from the earlier marketplace called "x street" it has goten a lot more slower.. I think Linden Labs need to host the marketplace servers at there HQs not at the AWS data centers
  3. Hamilton Estates LAND FOR SALE- Loon,Winter style low lag,next to the road,Busy region. 600l Second Life Maps | Loon [MAINLAND]
  4. Hi, If you have been onto GTA IV you will see the clothes they wear it is very simlar to the clothes we wear in SL (Mesh) it is very old crappy looking and its just not good enough, If you look onto lets say Saints row 3 the clothes and detail are amazing, Is SL going with the flow and doing stuff really slowly.. we could of had Mesh 3 years ago! Thanks, HamiltonRP
  5. Looks like you need to clear Second Life Cache and DNS Cache, Heres how SL- Preferences>Network>clear Cache. CMD in Windows- "ipconfig/flushdns" thanks,HamiltonRP
  6. By my and other people who agree with me YES! if you look up on secondlife.com youll see a translator and that will translte all the logos and **bleep**, but the TOS will stay the same.. If Linden Labs dont fix this then idk I guess when my membership runs out I wont buy lindens or anything becuase Linden Lab as a company sucks.. They are just **bleep** I hate them for not even listening to the residents of their service.
  7. steampunk.gears ------“LL does loose over seas revenue because over seas customers get into difficulties due to not knowing the rules and just joining in as if it's a twitter free for all, so in the long run it costs more in lost income than it would to translate it.If I received an invite by email or clicked on an advert to join an overseas game / service I'd expect them to accommodate my language if they want my money. LL takes payments from around the world? LL is an open service from any over seas IP? then LL is released as a product globally? so then LL is neglecting their customers in favor of just sitting on their hands and loosing customers due to the hassle of doing anything none English.But expects countries who are English speakers to be always able to have spare income to waste in this game / service? China is going to over take the USA and other places they're growing markets and China did have it's own SL clone I know because I tried it in beta, but you can't expect to be globally recognized and survive long term while not support your new and old customers languages.Do you realize we're in a decline? not translating it means they're less competitive with other countries services that will emerge. Because you don't retain people who don't understand and get banned.”
  8. This is bull **bleep** becuase I have now spent about 3 hours in the help island public alot of people who are spanish etc I asked them if they understand the TOS ( I translalted the question) and they said no.. and this person who can nearly speak english said that she cannot be bothered to go though the hassle with the translators.. So this is just **bleep**ed up.. Linden Lab need the TOS translted.. they get enough money they can afford it! I might post a letter to the CEO of Linden Labs soon. ( My prior quest is no more.. my new one is to get the TOS translted end of story.. not on about underaged or griefers anymore, thanks) HamiltonRP
  9. Hello, I have had contact from a Linden and atm there is a translated version (spanish maybe more, but hard to find!) So from now on I will not be replying to this fourm thread.. and as far as the messages I have had in world (my.secondlife.com) I will not be paying any more attention. Thanks again for the support and getting Linden Labs attention and bringing the answers to me. Here is the "Duplicated" Bug report for the translation of the TOS https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2594?.. Yes it will cost, Yes Linden Labs may get sued becuase they might not get all the words right becuase it is a legal document. Thanks for contributing to this Fourm, HamiltonRP.
  10. Ok so the price comes into alot of things, but here is the proof that LL could hire translaters and could probarly do it without making much more cost for the residents.. here is the Daily Lindex transtions etc.. This shows that in just on average day they get about 4 Thousand Dollers just with the Lindex.. not counting the rest of the stuff like tiers. I would guess they would get about One Million dollers a month, Yes they would have to pay alot to the workers etc but I would guess theres quite a bit left. Thanks, HamiltonRP
  11. Hi Tari, Yes I understand I am not the "boss" or the "leader" of the Fourms,Yes it does become very annoying when they are talking about the othert stuff when I didnt really want them too, I just implied it for a explaple, I do follow the TOS and I understand I have to follow the rules just like everyone else.Just annoyes me when people are "shouting" at me.
  12. Ok I have removed the bill board (marketplace).. It seems pointless becuase I cannot go on about one thing in the TOS.. I am about the whole TOS.
  13. I have created a bug report for this issue- https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-4442
  14. The Second Life Terms Of Service should be translated END OF STORY! I dont care about the underaged, I dont care about the mainland stuff, I dont care about the griefing, I dont care about all the other stuff on the TOS, The TOS should be translated END OF,Ok? ( I do follow the TOS I am just saying I dont care so much about the TOS it self I care about the translation!) No more comments about the greifing and the underaged part of it. Just think and say about how the SL TOS could be so usefull if it would be translated! Thanks, HamiltonRP
  15. Yes You got it! that is what I am trying to get to everyone, and sorry to everyone what I posted my links to this..was a bit to much. But yes Ceka you have the same thought as me:)
  16. Yes ok, I am picking the underadged becuase that is the biggest issue right now with the spanish,german etc talking kids.. But it ISNT just about the underaged.. It is simply becuase the TOS should be translated!
  17. Before we continue, Please note I am not just complaining about underaged people .. All I am doing is making sure that everyone in the world who signs up for Second Life can read the TOS.
  18. Yes true, But what about the other stuff.. The people who grief... They dont know the rules. Yes you can run it though a google translater but it doesnt always work and many people carnt be botherd to go though that.
  19. My aim is to get Linden Lab to translate their TOS because many children (underage) are in Second Life and they cannot read English.. currently.. the TOS is only in English, Linden Lab need to have it translated otherwise more and more children are going to join SL! I will be glad if Linden Lab can translate the TOS becuase not just children carnt read English there are plenty of adults what dont speak English in SL now. Before you comment on that the TOS is translated here is the web TOS evidence (please note I choose german for this) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54034745/Proof-WEB.png Here is the VIEWER proof of that the TOS is not translated! (not many people read this but people have said I should put this into thought before making this) http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54034745/Proof-Viewer.jpg Thanks, HamiltonRP
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