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  1. Deja Letov wrote: Actually premium membership can be paid from inworld sales. If you sell lindens and leave it in your account instead of withdrawing it, you can pay your premium membership with that every month. Nope, do not have that option for first month of premium. Trading limits do not allow selling of L$ to put money on the account without having premium paid up long enough to boost those limits... Even if that wasn't an issue I'm not making the ~ L$3000 a month to afford the costs of membership.
  2. The premium residential parcels are not meant for commercial uses. Premium membership has to be paid from a credit card, and not from in-world funds. For most, the entire point behind entering into the marketplace is to reduce the amount of real money they spend on a game for fun. Sorry to break it to you, but many people on SL do not have often have excess money that they can spend every month. It's great that your business is so developed that you are making regular income and can withdraw money from SL to pay for your monthly membership, or that you have so much excess money to spend that it doesn't impact you. But not all are as fortunate. For me, even L$ 50 a week is a significant investment that I cannot always spare.
  3. Sassy Romano wrote: Well the obvious suggestion is an updater product especially if there's that many sold that copying keys to a notecard would take hours, I can't see how manually redelivery via DD is faster? Updaters are about ... $3 US, is your time worth less than that? L$ plus the time configuring it, plus the necessity to keep a scripted object on a sim somewhere. Most landlords will allow a magic box on commerce plots. Many will not allow an updater since the updater is constantly having to handle scripts (and lag). When selling less than 1 product a week, rental fees are greater than income. Switching to direct delivery and no longer needing a prim in the world was my plan to reduce upkeep costs. Inworld sales have always been almost nothing since more traffic means higher rent. Plus having to add extra scripts to everything I sell just because I might some-day need to send out a fix. The alternative would be to make me use some sort of automated delivery system, which is time scripting, time debugging, time recording keys, more time debugging, getting yelled at by people who are receiving multiple copies, and not really knowing who was sent what. Maybe when I'm looking at a few hundred sales to deal with it might be worthwhile. But since I don't have many redelivery is about my only option.
  4. Sassy Romano wrote: That's just the first time, to get the Received Items folder. Do I understand it correctly that you're going through MP history and manually finding every customer and then performing a redeliver? Relogging did make the tab open up, and my tests were there. However doing another test did not send the item there until relogging again. Yes, redelivery. Do you know of a better way to do it?
  5. Sassy Romano wrote: Why would people be receiving an update to a product? That's not the role of Direct Delivery. Because sometimes fixes or changes need to be made to a copy/mod product and it is not practical to use a script to ping a HippoUpdate box every time the person logs in or attaches that item on every single item you might some day need to make an update for. Being able to redeliver updated products to customers when an update is made is the only reasonable solution in my case as I rarely need to send out updates. I'm not going to shell out a few thousand L$ for some delivery script and spend hours copying keys from my order history into a notecard just to make sure people who bought something from me have the most recent and bug-free version of my products. Going back to the issue, forcing people to have to log out and log back in in order to get something they bought, every time, doesn't seem a reasonable expectation to make on people. The old method of things appearing in a folder in their inventory, which shows under "recent items" was more than intuitive enough for everyone.
  6. I'm having a major issue with direct delivery. I'm trying to update my products to use direct delivery, but when I go to test the delivery I can't find the delivered item folder. I am using a 3rd party viewer, but so are the majority of everyone who might buy my products. If I cannot find the folder myself how am I supposed to tell my customers where to find their updated products? There does not seem to be any obvious place where these items are ending up, so there is no way for a recipient to know that they have received an update to their product without messaging each one individually. The biggest problem is that I cannot link a listing back with the magic box for the old style of delivery, so I cannot revert to the old style of using the magic box without clearing my entire sales history and manually sending out products to every single customer.
  7. Well, ideally, with an open sourced project. All the furniture would use the same messages, so multiple varieties of huds could work regardless of how they use those messages. Right now there is Sensations, Xcite, and a few other minor ones without any common communication. As the furniture that uses one of these usually doesn't use the other, there isn't much consistency. For something like this to work, not only would the API have to be open, but so would the scripting and hud to a reasonable extent (like Open Collar). The reason being much as you mentioned, people would want their own way of handling messages. The hud really isn't important. What is important is that there are bits of furniture or attachments that talk to the channels the hud uses (like relays). But that is also the problem with any such system. You can't make it work with all furniture or attachments regardless how much market saturation you have for one protocol or another. Emoting and text however works with everything, and more importantly comes from the actual user instead of some script. I'm reminded of an instance where someone had one of their hidden, locked vibrators turned on while on a M sim in a store by one of those random click-happy types. They were clearly (violently) unhappy about this despite the scripted voices and sound effects which were being produced by the vibrator's script. Although it was probably this person's fault for leaving it exposed in public, it does prove a point that occasionally scripted elements can be contrary to reality. Meanwhile emotes usually always reflect some hint of the situation. Emoting is also a less lazy way of playing out a scene. I would much rather have a real person tell me how good such-and-such supposedly feels, than some object.
  8. Ideally what there would need to be would be some sort of integrated standard which various pieces of furniture or attachments could use to speak to a hud item that controls these things. There are already a few of these for stimulation, but they all rely on proprietary components and a restrictive API. An open and public system which manages both pain and pleasure, without being attached to some other gimick would be ideal. The problem though is not really the actual hud or device, or even adding a variety of settings. The problem is getting other content creators to use your standard for their products. If there isn't anything that transmits information to the device, people won't have a reason to use it. Even then, it would only work with those few things, while emotes work with everything.
  9. There are a handful of nitche markets out there that tend to get missed. Despite there being a quite large Femdom community, there aren't many stores which make items designed for FF and Fm (where the dominant role is female) situations beyond the usual pillar, throne, rack. And even then, there isn't much variety for objects, bindings or clothing suited to a male slave that isn't unisex. There are also some active pockets in the the various transformation and adult fur communities with relatively few creators making themed products. It can be a bit more selectivly niched, but many of those people also buy more traditional items. Sometimes you just have to leave Gor and go keyword wandering to see what is really out there. @Knotter I had some ideas like that i mind, and already make RLV clockwork doll keys, so it may be doable .
  10. Adult infohub. Any infohub really. Places on the map which have "Sex" in some form spelled out in prim letters so it shows up on the map. It's just usually just really, really pathetic ie: Rapid switching of poseballs with them going "lol" the whole time, no emotes, or emotes as plain chat, demands to get naked, and worse. Quality doesn't come free, and rarely involves noobs. That doesn't mean that you have to pay for it, just that there is usually some sort of time or social investment either with a person or in relation to a sim. I mostly spend my time on the transformation side of the adult community which is limited to a handful of private sims so I see a different sort of activity, but do notice the same sorts of trends as other parts of the adult community. Sometimes these trends are even more pronounced because you see the same people bouncing from one themed sim to the next (or just making new accounts to start anew after a bad owner). Countless times I have seen people just drop to their knees the moment they get the impression that someone around is more dominant, often without a prior word, expecting to suddenly have things done to them just because they are there (regardless of what was happening before), or outright demand that something be done to them (only to relog and remove what was done, rinse, repeat). I would imagine that it is partly because of this dynamic that deeper play seems to be moving to less public venues.
  11. Generally IM restrictions fall into one or two groups. A). The person wants to be restricted to oblivion and having no way to call for help or communicate is part of their idea. B). IMs are their lifeline (or only way to communicate a verbal safeword when limits are crossed) and as such any restriction could potentially throw them into a state of discomfort if not break one of their limits. This is why many relays and collars have built in functions for IM exceptions for Owners and similar. There aren't many cases where things might fall between the two that would need to be present for long, or which can't be a willing agreement with a sub. RLV is just a tool, it's what happens outside the computer screen that is important.
  12. Been having trouble getting meshes to look right in preview and after uploading. I am using 3dsMax 8 and the OpenCOLLIDA plugin from the wiki. http://www.opencollada.org/download.html The model itself gets exported correctly, but the texture coordinates always get messed up like the example below. http://i44.tinypic.com/2dw594l.jpg This model is just a modified cube with a standard box mapping. The texture is like a crate. I have considerable background working with 3d models and texturing, and the results are always similar to this. The UV coordinates just seem to get messed up somewhere during export. None of the settings changes on export seem to change how the model ends up. Have uploaded a mesh in world and applied known-working textures to ensure that this isn't just some preview bug. Any help?
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