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    It has always been like that for me, I thought it was normal horizon. The only time it ever changed is when I applied a special windlight command in my land description at a certain height
  2. Linden Labs just re activated my account for me but its not working right and they want me to pay them to fix it! I am looking for answers please... If I put anything in my inventory then log out, its not there when i log back in. I get a fresh inventory like when you create a new account. I have tried many viewers and nothing helps. For some reason its not saving my SL. I can dress my avatar also and it will be a newbie avi when I log back in. I get a Male or Female option on the start of every log in as well. I made another account and its fine. I just would like my normal account back Reply to Cinn - I see that it cost.. whether or not they charged me is not the case here though. I have an account LL re activated for me and it will not save things in the inventory when I put them there. I have filed a ticket, they give me a Jira link for a bug in Nov 2008. I ask for help again, and they reply i need to issue a new ticket. I issue a new ticket and I get the reply I have to be a premium member. If I was supposed to pay for anything, noone said while they were helping me in the last ticket. now things changed? Im asking here if anyone knows how to fix the inventory problem. thank you
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