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  1. Hello dear friends I also tried to find it, as I wanted to be able to route new participants that I am introducing Second Life to, so they can go to this place and learn the basics skills before joining the courses and activities that I and others offer through Second Life. I searched and searched and then finally found it: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Welcome%20Island%20Public3/29/227/25 Thought I would post it if other also want to find it and not want to put down 20min just to search around in order to find the SLURL Yours Truly Jesper
  2. Dear Second Lifers Since a week or so back, I have as usual been getting an e-mail when a friendship offer has been made. But when I have logged into Second Life there has not been any new notification so that I can confirm or reject the friendship offer. Is anybody else experincing this? If so, have you found a solution or know how to report it to SL Tech Team? Yours Truly Jesper Stormcrow Sweden
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