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  1. And now she quickly edited all her marketplace pages
  2. She is not responding to my reply back to her: Very well. However having spoken to Linden Labs, namely the Live chat. They state that since you sold it as: 􀀀 I bought the rights to modify your work, that is what listing it as you did means. Full permission. Modify: Checking this lets the next owner modify your creation. Unchecking it denies any modifications. Also: "As a rule of thumb, you buy a full permission product with the intent to modify or re-texture and resell product. You may sell as many copies of your derivative work as you want but you may not sell them as full permission. Make them either no copy or no transfer." http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Full_Perm I never sold my work. I handed it over none transferable. So right now, you made the mistake of making it full perm. This reaction from you is way over the top. And if you continue I have Linden Lab supporting me to file an abuse claim against you. That said I will take down the seal. But I will also no longer advice anyone to do any business with you. As you yourself Ma'am conduct false advertising. Which according to the flag system in SL, is something which isn't allowed. If you do wish to take me to court. Read this please: "Linden Lab is in the United States. Therefore, whether you are in the U.S. or not, United States law applies. And United States law has already been answered in the courts that any licensing that cannot be denied or agreed to before it goes into effect is moot and is not admissible in court. Meaning: you cannot agree to a contract you cannot see before the sale." You never specified on the page BEFORE you purchase your product that I am not allowed to modify your work. But you did list it in that little box. That is false advertisement, or I am sure this is an oversight or miscommunication on your end . Pixie But she does keep harassing my friend...
  3. I already took the art down. She still threatens with DMCA I never sold it however, I only showcased it on an event, as an example. Not to be sold. She now is following me even to my home region....
  4. She is now sending out notices about it to anyone who wishes to know.....
  5. I really don't know, but I find her reaction way over the top. And like stated above, She never specifies any of this on her web page. So how could I have known? You buy these things so you can modify them.
  6. Thank you so much she send me this long notecard when I did log in: Hello, I am a designer at the Trend Event and Original creator of the item you are currently displaying as your work and use to make custom items with. This is my original design and I do NOT give you permission to do this or use this in any other way than was agreed upon in the license agreement included in the purchase of this digital content. I am sure this is an oversight or miscommunication on your end, but still require you cease and desist all activities using this wax seal and any other wax seal designs that are the intellectual and digital property of (c)2010, insert name,insert name, and insert name. It is clearly stated in the product agreement as follows: COPYRIGHTS AND TERMS OF USE: (c)2010, insert name, All Rights Reserved By buying this product you agree to the following according to the TOS of the Online game Second Life and the legislation about copyrights related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act: These textures and/or graphic art are only for private use. You may not print, copy, distribute or disclose them to anyone neither as they are nor as a part of any file. You are authorized to take advantage of them only in order to inscribe documents that you may give away in doing business in Gorean Sims. The violation of this agreement in any way means a copyright infringement that could set yourself under the risk of a prosecution and a DMCA take down notice. Dated this 10th day of January, 2019. Ignoring this order to cease and desist will result in further legal action.
  7. Also when my friend stated that I could then claim for false advertising she got really pissed off.
  8. Not that I know of, she was told multiple times I wasn't online at the time. And that I would deal with it, when I did get online. I have been putting my kids to bed.
  9. Thank you both so much! I got a bit worried, as I am new to this whole thing. And my friend messaged me she was being messaged about this
  10. There was no TOS when I bought it, and I did not hand out full perm to my friends.
  11. She did not display in detail on the Market Place page (or in-world vendor) where I purchased it and I couldn't know those terms BEFORE I bought it
  12. So, I have a question. I found some very nice items which listed on the page as full perm. Now I have been using this item a lot modifying on it to create something for friends. I don't sell it. And I credit the original owner. Now the original item's owner started in on a friend of mine that I used her stuff, and it was licensed and it was NEVER allowed to be used by anyone else. When it was told she sold it full perm she started to threaten with a lawsuit, and the fact she would do a copyright claim... what do I do?
  13. I have seen that there have been many questions on this and I have tried updating my video card. We have the ATI 3300 Radeon video card. Windows 8 32 bit system. I get the same as many stated before, no video card detected and I have tried updating so far no result... Any ideas?
  14. I have someone who keeps following me and stuff, but he is not in my friendslist. Can I still block him?
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