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  1. this land is now aviavble and is empty please contact me direct if you want to make a offer Ty
  2. any offers around 450k for all the above land will be considered
  3. We have some land forsale over three mainland regions , and they all boder each other Anders Port 49 152 SQ Meters & 11250 Prims Ishel Down 62 976 SQ Meters & 14414 Prims Zxio 28 672 SQ Meters & 6562 Prims The land will be Ready for its new owners on the 25th Feb , If your interested please im me direct inwold as SamanthaSJones , or my manager S1nful Viper TY
  4. LIV-Glam Searches For Mesh Artist Samanthasjones, owner and designer of LIV-Glam, is searching for an experienced mesh artist who can create exclusive shoe and clothing designs. Samantha would also like to expand our Slink shoes offerings and our exclusive Black Label Designs.This may develop into a permanent relationship which would have unlimited opportunities with this very successful clothing designer. Please send 3 examples of your own designs to Samanthasjones via notecard. Thank you very much.
  5. We are looking for 6 fashion forward and buisness minded people to join , We will help you find the ideal location for your boutique , set if up for you in the LIV-Glam Style - you pick the products you wish to sell , We set all that up as well with your input . Once done you will have access to our customer base , We will give you at least 2 exclusive products a month , and exclusive freebies. What do you have todo ? Cover the rent at your location and you will receive 50% of all sales. For futher info please contact me inworld
  6. Hey I m having some trouble - i bought a mesh dress that i m making a hud for with texture change , so i ve resized the mesh item - shift dragged 10 coppies on my hud - then linked it all together - The mesh items is not the root prim. But here is the strange thing everytime i attach the mesh items wont rezz - it rezzes on my body instead , i tried to change some of the settings of the mesh item to prim - but no luck . Anyone know what i m doing wrong
  7. Hey I m looking for a Business partner that will join my fashion label , i will supply all the fashion & homeware , (my products sells very well in sl ). You will provide the land in sl for a mainstore . Currently i sell only on the marketplace. We will split 50 -50% on all sales . So if you have a sim standing empty and notsure what todo with it give me a shout . SamathasJones
  8. Hey Everyone The market place is driving me nuts :( I ve had failed delivery after failed delivery all day - about 20 failed deliveries , I ve only set my store up today . So i thought it must be somethiing todo with my magicbox , So i picked it up and took it to another sim where i have another Magicbox belonging to a alt. Any so now all my listings has changed to *LIV-Glam*- Business Core 1 - Coco (Item unavailable.) I ve reset the magicbox - i also made sure i deleted all the other magicbox's on the website. How do i make the listings available again . Also i m now worried that i ve lost my 6 listing enhancements that i paid 15k for. Thanks Sam
  9. Hey can anyone help - i m trying to create a market place store but it says - You do not meet the requirements to create a store. Please see the knowledge base for more details. When i checked up on that it says that - Note: Your account must be at least five days old before you may create a store in the Second Life Marketplace. I m now 5 days old and it still wont let me - what do i do please Thanks Sam
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