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  1. Hello, I purchased some Linden Dollars and I have been billed twice for them. I called the support line and they told me to fill out a support case for the problem. There is no option in the billing support for the the problem I have, only 2 options drop down from the menu, 1 to do with raising my limit and the other is paying out LIndens to paypal. Where do I go from here? Forgot to add when I bought the Lindens, the first time the system timed out.. Thanks Charolotte, but I don't have the option to chose. Thanks Ariel, I guess I will call them again :( and no I didnt recieve the Lindens twice, I bought 7300L the the first time, that timed out. Then I bought 7200L which went through and I receieved. I checked my bank balance and noticed 2 payments that went through. Ok I called them back, had a nice man this time :) Anyway he explained to me about the failed timeout thing and something about the bank releasing the funds back to me, because its a cancelled payment. Will see what happens, never had that probelem with other failed timeouts in the past.. Also he said if I don't receive if back in a couple of days to attatch a bank statement to a support ticket under the dropdown of payments to paypal. Thanks all :)
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