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  1. I would run. a mile. no maybe several hundreds. thousands even. LOL But then I really don't like blurring the lines between SL and RL. Do you really need that much grief that hinders your SL experience?
  2. Hi everyone, First off, I hope 2012 is starting out well for all of you :) Recently one of my good friends and I were having a discussion about SL relationships and it struck me that it doesn't take long for people to jump into relationships after a very short period of knowing each other. Taking my friend as an example, she was telling me that someone she had met maybe a week or so ago has already wanted commitment from her, as an SL partner. Though she feels that they get on very well, she didn't understand how someone could get so attached after just a short period of time. We both wondered about what committment really is in SL? when she explained her trepidations to him about even going forward in the committment direction, he told her that he thinks they have an amazing connection and called her his soul mate. (??) and that she was worried about nothing and that it was normal to partner with someone after a couple of weeks and that is already a long time. It didn't leave me with a good impression especially when he was annoyed at her for not coming to him and leaving me in the middle of our conversation (possessive much?!) For me personally, it boggles the mind. Maybe I'm a cynic but does the same 'rule' not apply in SL as it does in RL? How would you know someone so 'well' after such a short time? Is this whole committment and soul mate thing just role playing? My advice to her was to steer clear and take a step back. There are so many people out there to meet. Anyone who is so eagerly willing to devote their entire SL experience to you and persistently wanting to get into RL space and give you guilt trips for silly things seems a bit off to me. Now even I'm wondering if I'm too quick to judge (?). That's my two cents, what are yours? I'd be interested to know your take since everyone's experience in SL and on relationships are so different. Do people really take their SL into RL? Is that wise? Thanks all :)
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