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  1. Can i use an applier like Tango or Lush Breasts on my Lara shape? I like them, but wondered how i can change the nipples
  2. How do i turn off all notifications from my groups to my email account? Is it somewhere in settings or do i need to go to my groups and turn off there?
  3. I used to go to a sim and collect coins in treasure boxes in exchange for lindens. I have been away for a year, came back and there are still a few coin treaure boxes, but i cannot figure out how to cash them in for lindens anymore. Anyone know if this there is a way to collect, or has this ended and I am out of luck?
  4. I bought this cute cottage on a $60 linden sale. Now I have no idea where i can use it. It is totally furnished, and i have been able to rezz it in a sandbox. Can i use it anywhere else? Can I buy new furniture for it and delete whats in it already? Is my only option to purchase or rent land to use it on? sorry for the noob Qs , Ive never built anything in SL before.....YET! :))
  5. Yes thank you Jaeden! I am going to give it a try!
  6. Thanks for the input everyone! And yes, I like to be believable and not too much like real life as well. I just want an avi thats looks good, like skin that doesnt look like a cartoon!
  7. I have become obsessed with tweaking my Avi and making it more realistic. My question is what shape or skin designer is your favorite and whom do you think has the most attractive and realistic Avatar componenets?
  8. I am not sure if this is a Firestorm deal or not. Before i did the update, I was able to use my mouselook and move my Avi around. Now it wont allow me to. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. I dont have a lot of time to spend in SL, but would love to make some $. Is there any way to make a few lindens here and there? Other than the XXX jobs, lol I dont have enough time in SL to have a job, just wondered if i had any other options. There used to be a machine GAB i think it was, that used a secret number and made you wait to redeem a couple lindens. Anyone know if that still exists? Thanks
  10. Thank you soo much for the links! Yes they are excactly what Im looking for.... only tried a few so far, but they look fantastic. Thank you so much for taking the time :matte-motes-big-grin:
  11. I would love to get some of your ideas for a sim to visit. Tired of visiting similiar beaches and clubs. My partner and I would love to find something refreshing and fun. Maybe an amusement park type place, idk.
  12. YAY! I will check these out. Thank you all so much!
  13. Was wondering if anyone has found a nice skin with appliers for the Lola Tango breasts . Ive tried WOW skins, and I know Al Vulo has a couple, but wondered if there are any more options yet. Thanks!
  14. Thanks so much for the replies...and the laugh!
  15. I was wondering a couple things about the voice option in SL. Is there a way to leave a voice IM for someone who is not online? Also was wondering one person could voice and the other one text talk? Thanks!
  16. Hahaha, guess I was asking for the funny comments huh? Ill think of something.....and maybe Ill let u know how it turned out : D
  17. Was wondering if I could get some ideas for a birthday gift for my bf. We won't be able to be together on his actual day, so I would have to send him something to open without me being in SL. Of course, we could celebrate on another day, but wanted to give him something on his actual Bday too. We have been together in SL for a long time, so not worried about spending too much. I have a couple things in mind, but Im not very creative and a balloon and card seems boring.
  18. Yea, I think it worked! TYSM!!
  19. My avi seems to be having this problem more and more. First my face blurs, clears up, them my lower half blurs for a min or 2, then clears. Its getting annoying, does anyone have a solution to this problem? I have tried relogging AND rebaking, which helps for a while but not long. Ughh. Do others see me blurry too?
  20. How do people write in cursive or use emoticons in sl? I just wanted to write my name a little differently in my profile.
  21. How come I crash every time I try and upload a RL picture? I think I need to clear out some cache or do something in my preferences, but its been so long since Ive uplaoded, I cant remember. Anyone help? I am using Phoenix viewer and Macbook laptop
  22. So happy to report....I am now able to download pic's! Someone suggested clearing the cache in Preferences, and that seemed to do the trick. Simple solution and I hope this helps anyone with the same issue.
  23. Thank you for your rsponse! I'll keep trying!
  24. I have tried many times with no success downloading a RL pic. Everytime I click on my picture choice, I get booted out of SL. Is it because I'm using a Mac laptop with Iphoto? I have tried other viewers with the same result. Never have a problem with SL pics, just RL ones.
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