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  1. I submitted my sim (Feather's Escape) for inclusion in the destination guide, and supplied a link to a pic as requested, although i appreciate being included in the destination guide, Lindon Labs has taken and used another picture, that i do not like at all, and does not show the best of my sim, can this picture be changed?
  2. Hi, my partner and i are listed of owners of our group, and she accidently left the group, but now when she has joined the group again, her tag says she is just a member and not an owner, so to me it looks like she has a member tag, and not an owner tag, she is listed in the group info as an owner and is assigned all roles, but her tag says she is just a member, how can i fix this? I have tried inviting her as an owner, but i get an error message saying that she is already in the list, and cant be invited again, and this happens even if she has left the group and is not in her group list.
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