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  1. When i wear it and sit on the ground, i always floating So i set script http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:Daemonika_Nightfire/Scripts/DS_Single_AO-Sit and i rezzed AO and sit on it and adjust position and took it and wore it but it still doesn't work.. please help me. Sorry to late to reply Steph.. i did it.. unfortunately didn't work . i tried many time:(( maybe this AO's broken. so i deleted it. and i got a same AO again . it working very well:) anyway. thanks for taking time it and answering me:)
  2. I was an anunal premium member, but I abandoned my land before my expiration. but my account show this" There is a problem with your accountThe payment type currently on file cannot be billed for the past due amount (USD 72.00) Please pay now using an alternate payment source. Thank you.what should i do? please help me thanks for answering LIndal. yes i forgot to take ONLY ONE MY OBJECT BY MISTAKE, BUT I TOOK IT YESTERDAY. should I still pay? if i do.. I'll get a LInden home again? i really don't need it!!. i wanna downgrade to Basicmembership how do i keep my account without paying? please help thank you very much:)
  3. my expiry date is Jun 2016, I put it in my account twice.But LL keep giving me "your visa's expired in 2004 your payment information becomes out-of-date," what should I do? plze help me. yes, I'm a premium member , I contacted them. thanks valerie:))
  4. I bought tiny shape, but i can't find excellent hair anywehre, if anyone know please help me
  5. I paid L$500 to someone in world. how can i watch this transaction? cause she said she will get weapon for me and i paid her, after that she said she didn't get L$500 from me please help me
  6. I did what you said. it works, thank you very much:))
  7. I know that L$300 is paid on Tuesday. that mean I was supposed to get L$300 on 29th May. but you didn't give me that. and where's premium sand box? how should I get exclusive virtual goods? I know The L$1000 is paid after I've been Premium for 45 days. I'm looking forward to that:)). please send me a reply ASAP! Sorry I forgot to put the day when I became a premium.it was 27th May. so maybe I get a L$300 on 5th Jun. If they don't giv me..I'll ask again. thank you Iren and valerie and Storm:matte-motes-wink:
  8. I'm annual premimum member. but why I can't rezz object at my home? and why you keep invite me to premium member? I exactly paid US$72:00. please send me a reply ASAP!!
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