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  1. Nah, I think Charlotte had the right idea there, the FPS is basically fixed. I play on high settings and get around 30FPS, so fair enough. CPCookieMan
  2. By "crank everything" what target FPS are you thinking? This fixes a lot of the problems I was having with FPS, but cranking it makes it slow again... I get 10 or so FPS on Ultra, 20 on High. That's without lighting an with a view distance of 128 and whatever that other thing was at 12. Is SL just not supposed to be fast? And um... How exactly do I play this game once I get it all set up and working? CPCookieMan
  3. Yes, I'm running a LOT of background crap, but like I said, hasn't affected any other games. My background programs leave me with over 8GB of RAM to spare and my processor usage isn't going above 10%. I could shut down a VM and the Minecraft server, maybe Skype and Chrome. Those are my biggest offenders for background usage. Even then, with these background programs running, I get 100+FPS in Minecraft, so I don't see a problem with running them. I was just standing in the tutorial world and it runs slowly, it's not like I'm in a room with a bunch of particle generators or something. I did catch wind of AMD graphics cards and OpenGL optimization or something. Could that have anything to do with it? Should I use a new viewer? CPCookieMan
  4. Hey guys, I just downloaded Second Life for the first time onto my new computer. It's running painfully slow, think 8 - 15 FPS at best. What am I doing wrong here? My system is no piece of crap either. Specs: AMD FX-8120 8-core Processor @ 3.1GHz AMD Radeon HD6950 1GB 16GB DDR3 RAM And blah blah blah other system specs, but no game should run that slow on that PC, keep in mind at minimum settings. Help? CPCookieMan
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