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  1. hello im new to SL and i find it so cool you can get a Job but there is just a few things i must dicuss: 1. i can go into the adult section so i can only go into general areas 2. im not really skilled at well...anything...in fact you dont really have to pay me i just want to try out having a job 3. i do not want to be near any nudity or anything sleashy (>.>) thank you so much remember I just want to see what its like to have a job in second life so dont worry about pay ^^
  2. thanks guys i thought i would HAD to use paypal or a credit card but i like finding a job waaaaaaay better thanks
  3. http://www.dell.com/us/p/xps-l502x/pd thank you! :D
  4. hello everyone im new to SL and i was wondering ways to make some money. Unfortunatly i cant purchase anything with a credit card and im not allowed to play in the dult section so how do i make money? can i still get a job and if so that would be sooooooo cool! :D i really find this game amazing and its sad to enjoy this game u need linden dollars so please help ty so much :)
  5. hello im new to sl and i really would like to make my own clothes so can someone tell me how? i looked at tutorials and its still kinda confusing so can u please give me tips on how to make clothes nothing fancy maybe like a hoodie and do u have to pay to make clothes? tyvm :)
  6. hello im new and i was wondering how i can change my look on SL. btw how do ppl make their avatars look so cool like dinosaurs, robts, pokemon, etc. i researched wiki and im still confused i even bought a strategy guide and it still all sounds confusing. sorry im not to good at tech. stuff so forgive me if i sound naive. thanks for reading :D
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