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  1. As a user of an 'Avatar Online HUD' I would find it impossible to continue my Second Life without it. I, like many others, have alts which I use when I wish to concentrate on building or role play. I do not wish add all of my contacts from one avatar to another because I would never get a moments peace. I also do not wish to reveal the activities of my alt as shown in my profile to users of my main character. When building I will wait until my 'Avatar Online HUD' tells me that others are on line, at which point I can chose to leave what I am doing and log in the appropriate avatar. I am a lead player in a Role Play sim and our new players need to know when leads and mentors are on line so that they may get help if they need it. If there is a problem with a product or service that needs to be discussed urgently the facility to know when a creator is on line can save days of frustrating correspondence by IM. I am grateful that such facilities exist so that others will know when I am on line and can contact me as it enables me to maintain a small and manageable contacts list.
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