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  1. I use Firestorm. This is more of two questions. Can someone see my profile if I've blocked them and they used to be a friend? Does blocking them automatically remove my calling card? They probably have my calling card so, that means easy access to see my profile. I don't want them knowing my personal info anymore. I want to know so I know whether or not its time for me to maybe consider a new profile. I don't like the idea of someone I obviously don't want to talk to or knowing my business, being able to see my profile even though I've blocked them. -.-
  2. Uninstalled all viewers. Hopefully this works! *crosses fingers*
  3. Does anyone else have any suggestions as to how I can fix this? I want to try EVERYTHING before I go forth and seek out help from the Firestorm and Phoenix staff directly.
  4. Restarting didn't work. HTTP Textures uncheck didn't work.
  5. Do I need to restart afterwards? Nothing happened. D:
  6. I have literally tried everything on the Firestorm viewer to correct the distorted skin and clothing. Pictures of problem: Click Here or Click Here As you can see everything is half rezzed or not rezzed at all. In the second picture there SHOULD be a fence there. Things I've tried that have not worked: RestartingClear CacheChange Group TitleReinstallUpdateChange hair baseChange skinChange clothingChange shapeUncheck HTTP TexturesRestart routerBandwith changeRecreate bridgeUninstall all Viewers and reinstall FirestormDoes ANYONE else have this problem?
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