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  1. Hi :) I've been on sl a while but still very new to it. I haven't been on in a long time and would like to make new friends, and very much so a family either to join as a daughter or sister, maybe even have children of my own. I'm very easy going but quite shy and find it hard to talk to new people at 1st. You wont know if you like me unless you talk to me, so feel free to message me here or in world :D
  2. Hey, this is my 1st time writing in the forums, so please excuse me if I babble :) When I 1st joined sl it was to join my rl boyfriend's family, so I instantly had people around me. Now I'm setting off on my own, but have no idea where to start. I'm extremely shy and find it difficult to approach people, but someone suggested I post here. I'm looking to start off with friendships, maybe some that could develop, in time, to something more. I have a varied taste in music, and love shopping around in sl just to see what's about. I haven't really gotten out much so it would be nice to have someone to help show me around. I'm a really caring person, happy to talk about anything and everything, but like I said, I'm just nervous at approaching new people. I haven't been on recently, but will start coming a lot more if I had someone to talk to. Take care and hope to speak to you soon :)
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