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  1. I now don't think I will ever be able to use second life on my new lap top, it seems its a problem with my graphics card, or lack of one almost! And it cannot be resolved... but at least I now know why and stop trying for two hours a day to 'get in'! Thanks for past help when I asked. Below is the graphics type I have .... Intel(R) HD Graphics
  2. thank you Angel, will try this now, fingers crossed!
  3. I have just joined Second Life, earlier this week, and from the beggining, have been unable to actually up load it. I run windows 7, have 495 download speed, lots of memory. Below are the five items that come up one by one, until the final one.. which ends try 1.... then disappears! loading second life detecting hardware initialising vhs gathering hardware information sending to server try1 Pleas help, want to get started! marian Sorry, cant answer on both your replys of help for me below! Tried both options, did total clean up, went everywhere in this thing to delete all of SL, reinstalled, nothing, so then tried the idea below, thank you, installed the firestorm, even that refuses to open up for me, so am letting it go for this evening, and try again in the morning, delete the latter option, try again, and then just scream! Loudly!! thanks for your help though. marian
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