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  1. I also made a website! http://dramaticelements.weebly.com/index.html
  2. Hello, I have started a company/business called Dramatic Elements. Basically what were doing is doing morphing, photo editing, weddings etc. Im in need of a photographer who can take pictures for my clients. I will then do editing on the picture. So basically im looking for a partnership. I am just getting started with the company and need help building it! Its a 50/50 deal, you give me a great photo, I do the editing, clients happy. Say he or she pays 2000L for a morph, we eachget 1000L. Simple! If you could provide me with: In Game Name: How long you have been on Second Life: Maybe a sample of what you have done or what you can do ( or not ) Im easy atm: Maybe some more information on yourself: You can IM me in game if you want, send me a note card, or reply to this post. My ingame name is DustyOS. :)
  3. Well I really havent done any graphical design in Second Life before, so no, I dont have any work. Thanks for the advice though. Gimp and Photoshop are like a third arm for me and I know how to use them quite well. I will def going to have to make a couple images to prove my self. Ill most likley put them on Flickr or Tumblr. Thanks so much for the advice
  4. No no! I know. 250L per item is def good. For sure. I can do for less sometimes. I really dont have a price range my self. R u intertested???
  5. Hello, I would love to work with you. I had just made a post concerning your needs. Its a perfect fit! http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Art-Music-and-Photography/Graphic-Design-Artist/td-p/1768237 I am great with Photoshop and illustrator! Also, I have been working on graphic design ever since I was very young so im quite experienced. Please consider me! Id love to work with you. Also, my in game name is DustyOS, so IM me if your interested!
  6. Hello, One of my hobbies is graphic design and I love it. I am most focused on making advirtisments like bilboards, pictures, profile pictures, logos, product advirtisment pictures. Im not very experienced with making textures for meshes, but am learning. I have been doing graphics design for a long time and would love to put my skills on Second Life. I would love to be hired by a company or a person. I also get my work done efficently and to your full needs. :) Also, my in game name is DustyOS. PM if your interested or post a reply. Thanks, Dusty
  7. Hey there! I am a professional graphics designer and am in need of a job in that feild. I'm great at following orders on what people request in there want for advertisement, designing, clothing ect. I am able to design anything that has to do with an image. If its for a poster, texture and some clothing. If anyone is looking for a person as this please IM me, Thanks :matte-motes-wink:
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