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  1. Many thanks everyone, your input was much appreciated. I'l go away and rethink what im trying to do,
  2. Just wondering if anyone can recommend a security orb that does the following: Allows members of a particular group onto a sim even if the orb is deeded to another group and allows them on even if they are simply a member and dont have that group title activated Many thanks in advance if anyone knows an orb that does that.
  3. Guys, If you'd like to take part in a Virtual world record Gangbang attempt to be held next Sunday afternoon SLT please contact me in world or join my gang bang group - search for Jono's gang bang group. Be a part of History and rise to the occasion! The current unofficial record seems to be relatively low and we are aiming for 70 plus If you're wondering what criteria applied to a gang bang world recoprd attempt we decided on 1. Any 60 minute period 2. 1 girl only being banged 3. 1 guy banging at a time at a time and it may only be pixels but there has to be normal penetration, no cocks in
  4. Thansk Whirly - Ill look into that - could be the answer
  5. Is there any way I can keep a record of instant messages between group members in the group I run. Im referring to times when I am logged out, There is no problem seeing and saving them when on line. Group notices are saved okay whether Im offline or online, I just wonde if I can get a record of all group IMs while Im offline.
  6. So i started a new group and now I want people to be able to choose group tag accoring to their gender so the girls can get a different one from the defaut one that suits theguys.. I cant find how to do this anywhere? Any ideas anyone. I know plenty of groups do ot so it must be simple. any advice apprciated
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