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  1. Sometimes is just fine the established "lore" for mermaids on this sim is that they are able to shift from their tail form to a humanoid form at will for periods of time, you can do that or do something similar to my character and have your mermaid be part something else so they can spend time at something other than a mermaid. I will post a link to the sim's website so you can see a list of some of the creatures we've had so you can see if any appeal to you And the HUD we use on the sim has TONS of character slots so if you want to play as a completely different character from your mermaid
  2. I apologize for taking so long to get back to you, my spring break had me away from the internet for a good majority of the time. I really enjoy my mer character, the tail and matching AO that I bought really brings it to life for me. And I also enjoyed the freedom that this sim gives me for my character background so I didn't have to make her JUST a mermaid, she's actually a mermaid-lamia hybrid (the lamia part was caused by genetic experiments) so your character could also have more to her than just mer if you wanted. If this ends up being something that you do decide to look into go ahead a
  3. My character is the Princess in charge of the underwater kingdom of Tsunea on the sim Shades of Immortality and I am in search of other role players that are in need of a home for their aquatic type characters. All roles in the kingdom are available and we have other lands that can be explored so you will never be limited to just Tsunea. If you think you are interested or if you have questions then just leave a comment here or drop a note card in my IM and I will get back to you.
  4. The underwater kingdom of Tsunea on the Shades of Immortality sim is looking for any aquatic type players interested in calling it home. All types of mer-folk and sea creatures are welcome! If you think you might be interested give me (the mermaid in charge) a shout and i'll tell you all you need to know!
  5. I'm in search of a role-play that will be the right fit for a character I am making. She will be a mermaid-shifter hybrid (exactly what kind of shifter I am keeping to myself for now) and I am honestly not picky about the time period though I do have more experience with the medieval era. I am also not looking to just be another face in the crowd, I would prefer it if I could find a position that would allow me to either rise up in the ranks or start off as a ruler of some sort; too many times I've started off at the bottom and never got a chance to go anywhere else so I would like a change. I
  6. Thank you so much for telling me about the telepoofers I will give that a try
  7. I need someone who can make me a custom teleport and no I dont care about sole ownership. The kind of teleport I had in mind is sort of a snake one. If it is at all possible I would like for the snake to kind of rise up and circle my avi upon teleporting. If anyone as questions feel free to send me a NC inworld so that way I can definatly get back to you.
  8. The specifc details will be discussed inworld but I can tell you here that its a strapless floor length gown.
  9. I do not have the knowledge to make clothes myself so I am in need of someone who can. This first outfit will be based off of a personal sketch of mine so who ever signs up for this needs to promise not to sell my outfit to other people especially without my consent. If I like the work then this could lead to more jobs. Details about the first outfit will be discussed inworld. If you are unable to reach me please contact Rosa Firecloak because this is a project we share.
  10. I will try posting in the wanted. The main reason I said exclusive is because the dress would be based of my own sketch I just dont have the knowledge to create something like that on my own and I dont have the time for classes set to specific schedules.
  11. I havent learned how to build clothes yet so I was wondering if someone could make me a one of a kind custom dress just for me. It will be used to help act out part of a book my friend has written and if we like this dress it could lead to further business. Please contact me or my friend Rosa Firecloak inworld for the details. Once again this must be an exclusive dress not to be used by anyone else.
  12. Thank you all very much I am going to check out all of these suggestions next time I am in world!
  13. I am new and I dont want to spend tons of money if I dont have to. Can someone teach me how to build clothes and other things please? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide,
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