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  1. Hello SL experts. As the title says, today i installed the new version of firestorm 4.5.1. Web links stopped to work. I mean that when i click a web link for example a teleport on web i do not get the pop up window on my viewer as in past. How could i fix this issue? Thanks. @Rolig Thanks for your reply. Yes i did a clean install. Btw as i was informed someone else reported the same issue at phoenix firestorm chat group in world. There someone gave this link: http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/slurl @Tini Thanks for your reply. Already i checked out that under Menu Tools --> Options --> Programs with Mozilla ETA: Issue has been resolved doing something very simple. Downloaded and installed the official Viewer 3 but i didn't run it. After this, i relogged again with Firestorm and all links and pop ups worked normally again.
  2. Hello SL experts. Is it possible with V3 (no with a TPV) to hide completely my effects? Under Preferences, Colors, Effects, the only i can change is the colour. Thanks. @Rolig: When i click or right click something, everyone can see my effects assuming that he hasn't the Max. particle count set to 0 under preferences, graphics, advanced. How i hide these effects so noone else is able to understand where i click? @Rolig: Thanks for your quick replies. I was pretty sure that there is no option under preferences, but i wondered if there is something under Debug settings.
  3. Hi. I use Viewer 3 (last version) and as title says i have the following problem. When i TP to a region i don't land where is the landmark but always at the region's landing point. In older versions of V3 (and Phoenix also) i could click 2nd time the landmark or teleport button and i tp'ed exactly at the point i had the landmark. This does no work now. Is there a setting i have to change? Thanks.
  4. Hi. How i can hide my badge (group title) from the other residents while i am wearing that? I am pretty sure that is possible but i don't know how. Thanks. Ansariel, thanks so much for your quick reply. That's what what i wanted to know. :)
  5. It happens yes, no problem. I am not so active in the forums, but i watch often. Nice job from all helpers here.
  6. Clean reinstall to show / hide a toolbar? This is no so wise. Marigold is right, follow her suggestion.
  7. Hi. Every time i install Firestorm, all the SLurls and links in Internet Explorer 8 open with it and no with Viewer 3. It is really annoyable. I want them to open with Viewer 3. Btw, i have no this problem with Mozilla. I tried to find something under Tools --> Internet Options --> Programs and other tabs also without luck. Help?
  8. I sent already a notecard to the creator and i am waitng for a reply. We will see. Thanks all for your answers.
  9. Shoes are copy and mod but NO transfer, exactly as the original product at Marketplace.
  10. They are from the original creator.
  11. Hi! Something really odd happened to me today when i logged in. I opened my inventory and i saw that in recent tab i had a pair of sneakers from one very famous creator for men's stuff. I like the shoes (they cost over than 300 lindens) but i have NEVER ordered them. I checked out my transaction history and there is no charge for me. I checked out my order history, and my last order was at 12th of December. I checked out my mail to see if someone sent me a gift and i found nothing. Also i saw nothing in my local chat like when someone sends you a gift. The question is: What i do now? I keep the shoes or it is illegal to keep them? I don't want to have any problems with my account. Thanks.
  12. Well the problem fixed when i disabled Object-Object occlusion. Thanks so much Chosen!
  13. THanks for your explanation Chosen. I will try that.
  14. How i can turn off object-object occlusion? If you mean Ambient Occlusion i have this option disabled. For Sy: I use Viewer 3.2.1
  15. Thanks for your answer Reg, but i have Basic Shaders enabled and i use Nvidia.
  16. Hello SL Experts. Why i see some avatars partially transparent but when i rotate my camera i see them normally? http://i43.tinypic.com/25guq6r.jpg
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