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  1. Seeking Dedicated RPers to play Members of a Noble House. I require everything from Armsmen and Armswomen to actual Family members. Slaves, Guards, hosuehold Servants, at least 2 to play my late teens-adult children. Cousins and nephews, neices and uncles and aunts are also welcomed. This is a New Sim and we're tryign to populate it with Good and dedicated people. House Firebourne is a Noble House that serves dark ends. Countess Ophelia is an underworld boss, slave trafficking, assassins trade, piracy and smuggling are all resume. While House Firebourne serves the Lord of Nexus with complete l
  2. Is it supernatural friendly ?? If so I'd love to play in a gang
  3. Speaking as a young Shapechanger myself, I'm with the girl on this one.
  4. I'm new at this andd was wondering, is it possible to rent land and make a space station or a starship as a house? like say a star trek ship or star wars and any number of scifi vessels. Any help would be appreciated.
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