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  1. Hello I am dreamforme...and I am lookng for new. Hopeful someone can help me take good photos in SL.
  2. I am a young singer and I am taking voical lesson right now. I was hopeing to find people who like classical or opera and people who no a lot of about the voice.
  3. anyone no when a chruch services starts on Sundays? please let me no
  4. Hello I am a singer and I would like to meet other musicians. I am taking vocal lesson right now. God Bless
  5. dreamforme


    I am a elf and I am a male elf... I am looking for outfits...what are good places to buy some and where are good elves sims?
  6. I am still a new to SL and I just wanted to post here and meet new people. I have a mic so I can chat. I hope all is well
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