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  1. some items on my land will not allow me to sit when they previously have allowed me to sit. I get a popup saying, "no room to sit, try another spot". Is there a preference setting I am missing?
  2. make sure you're trying to install the latest version. use google or firefox to install... thats all the advice i can offer
  3. I updated my my viewers version. The lsl bridge can not be recreated on my avi. Is there a resolution?
  4. i think you may be right Knowl.....i am due for a new lap...I guess I'lll just tolerate Phoenix 1.5 until then. thks for the response.....
  5. i did a clean install for both SLV2 and when that did not work i did anotehr clean install and downloadedPhoenix 1.6.I was unable to see mesh objects and everytime i clked on prefernces i ket getting a popup to enable hardware skinning. When i clked on the box for said hardware skinning it kept unchecking itself. what am i doing wrong? I resorted to installing phoenix 1.5 again.
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