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  1. Are you a dj with a huge friends list and nowhere to show your stuff we may be the place you are craving!!! Are you a host also with a big friends list and don't know where to go? Give us a look over. Both positions now are 100% kept by employee tip positions. Can you keep a crowd moving and shaking? Lets see what you got, hit me up inworld and we'll chat. jeremy123
  2. Tokon actually plays quite well, with TOKON products that is. The system itself is also high in script which means in high lag sims you are going to wait for it to respond. It's great for home play but frankly there are free relays that work great too without having to switch systems.
  3. I think that alot of the groups/clubs are dead unfortunately but my search will continue.
  4. Dancers Manager at Dessension I am in search of new fresh faces with fresh minds that can emote and not always off of notecards. I want people who can go above and beyond yet keep it sexy and classy. We are a not new club but what we do have is an amazing staff and atmosphere. We need dancers, dj's, escorts and hosts. If you think you fit the bill, please drop me a notecard as my im's are always capped. My name is Jeremy, my sl name is jeremy123 so stop on in and see the sights!!
  5. I am always open to suggestions as far as locales go, places like the Ranch and HOV are really lacking in variety so any help to offer suggestions that are better to search would be appreciated.
  6. What I am is a single male dom with a style thats more along the lines of a Daddy dom with many other elements thrown in for good luck . What I am looking for is a female submissive that wants to do more than pixel non stop. She should have a fiesty side as I simply do not want a robot. She should have a working knowledge of how a d/s relationship works. If you have some fire in ya, and you want to know more, contact me directly inworld and we can set up a meeting somewhere quiet to get to know one another and go from there. Thank you for your time
  7. Experienced dom in search of unique female sub/switch. Voice preferred at some point. More details please im me directly.
  8. That's funny that you mention notecards, I did just that and more often then not got laughed at for it. It wasn't even that long or super detailed. I would hope that a potential sub or switch would wantt o test out a potential Dom/Master, that shows to me a deeper level of interest. It also shows me that one would want to take the time to be cautious. A D/S relationship has the potential to be extremely fulfilling. It also has the potential to become ugly quickly. It's all about give and take much like any other relationship, not take and take.
  9. Well it's not settling, but I believe a balance can be achieved with the proper one.
  10. I don't believe I stated anything about anyone dropping to their knees on an initial encounter. If anything I don't hold much stock in anyone who does so. To relinquish ones self so easily without getting to feel out true compatibility is destined failure. The fact that I like them fiesty and playful vs subservient may have a play in what I am seeking. I have yet to have anyone get the true scope of me via my profile. I believe that they can know me quite quickly 1 on 1 if given a few minutes. I do not expect a dossier on one's life on a first meeting. Nor do I feel there is a need for being referred to by anything other than my first name until groundwork and a firm foundation is established. That is just how I operate within the parameters I have been studying under for the last 10 years irl. I believe the "Sir" or "Master" title should be earned, just as "Pet" or "Slave" or whatever designation, the name doesn't matter as much as the connection behind it. My ability to read people is based on my own experiences coupled with other elements. 5 minutes may have been overstated, however a sense of compatibility within what I seek is generally quick to me.
  11. As it stands me and the one I was referring to earlier are a rl couple who have separate sl's. Once we got rl together, there was no need to continue it in sl and we both like playing. It's not that she's not perfect, because she is. However our sl's are not connected for just said reasons. Also she is not a switch which would be my ultimate preference, but will not discriminate those who are not.
  12. The hard part is finding one that doesn't JUST want to be a "yes sir" "no sir". I believe there is a time and a place for everything. But robotic replies and simply bumping pixels do not a d/s relationship maketh. The Ranch has been to me, an overrated experience that has left me disappointed on more than one occasion. I was thinking of looking through the groups, has anyone else had any luck there?
  13. I am in search of that one special female for rp and possibly more. I would prefer someone with some experience behind them as I have been encountering ones more wanting to play homemaker or mommy/daddy. This is not what I an desiring as I would like to keep it strictly d/s, but here's the kicker..I also do not want a "yes sir, no sir" robot. My profile doesn't give alot of detail as I can read someone in les than 5 minutes and I can tell if we will click. I feel a dialogue speaks more then simply stacking words to read. The one thing I will say here is that I am more of a "Daddy" dom, so if that appeals to you, by all means give me a shout. I would also prefer someone verified or at least willing to do so.
  14. She is highly aware of what I am doing, I do it because I want her to have only the best.
  15. The reason that I don't currently have her as my own, is mainly because we are also a rl couple who plays on our own. I had her as mine in world for a year before I moved to be with her. Now that I am here irl, we still like to play with others.
  16. jeremy123

    Mens clothing

    Looking for new and fresh looks. I have just about everything that Crank, Envious, Delirium, Klam and CK has put out in the last 3-4 months. I want to try and stay within an urban look. Can anyone refer me to vendors I possibly haven't been to before?
  17. How much challenge is there when all you hear is "yes Sir" all the time? I am aware of what the definition of submissive is, I didn't fall off the turnip truck last night. I have been active within several rl communities for years and owned my own fetish store which ran successfully for 7 years prior to my divorce. Would you agree there is also a difference between a sub, a slave and a pet? I find the challenge of curbing atitudes and behavior modification quite arousing, some don't. They may want someone to simply obey blindly and give the obligatory "yes sir" all the t ime. That is not what she is about, she is about testing her limits and a challenge to be broken but she inevitably can be broken. It won't come from simply walking about swinging a flogger in the air though. Like I said, she is loyal (almost to a fault), and can be highly affectionate depending on her mood.
  18. I am not defining her limits, although the standards were set by me within her rl training so she knew what to expect when she ran into individuals who would ask for certain acts that she was not familiar with.
  19. Thst's of course assuming someone were bold enough to take on the task:)
  20. Indeed, I have a truly epic bratty sub who can't seem to find anyone willing to undertake trying to control her. The fact is, THEY are the ones missing out on what she can offer. Yes she is a brat, but also loyal to a fault.
  21. Didn't want it to come off too want-adish. I just really wanted to take this as a personal undertaking as her own encounters themselves have been less than fruitful. I figured that myself knowing her as I do, will provide any dominant with the proper knowledgs not only of her expectations, but her limits. I care very much for this person, she deserves the best experience possible within the limits that will be discussed inworld.
  22. My own feelings on that are that the subs themselves have been "trained" to believe that the doormat/lapdog is the only type of submissive. When in reality there are so many others. However getting people out of the mindsets that are propagated in conventional porn as well as by closed minds make things all the more difficult.
  23. I can offer a submissive that not only has the skills to emote but has been trained under a rl Dom for some time. She is loyal almost to a fault, is willing to go the distance to make sure her Master is pleased, is fiesty and has been known to give resistance to a point. My comments they may be generalized, however as of late there have been nobody willing to deal with a true bratty one such as her. Beyond that, I let her skill and beauty speak for itself. If I was calling people out, believe me I am well aware of the drama pages and that was not my intent. Nor was it meant to be a bash fest. I know what she needs, and because she means just that much I am willing to take time from my own rp to give her nothing BUT the best.
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