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  1. North Braddock High School prides itself on providing a dedicated and realistic High School environment for teens 14-18 years old. With a Cheer Program, Ballet, Art, Creative Writing and a wide range of other classes, come find out why things are a little different in Viking country. Drop by for a visit or apply online at: http://northbraddockhs.wix.com/home
  2. North Braddock High School is now hiring dedicated and talented sports coaches to add to our staff and expand our sports program. (paid position) Drop by to pick up an application or apply online at: http://northbraddockhs.wix.com/home http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20S​prings/106/192/25
  3. North Braddock High School is now hiring a dedicated and talented ballet and/or dance teacher to add to our staff. (paid position) Drop by to pick up an application or apply online at: http://northbraddockhs.wix.com/home http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Springs/106/192/25
  4. North Braddock High School is looking for the best and the brightest! With a Cheer Program and other sports, Student Ran Clubs and a dedicated staff come find out why things are a little different in Viking country! Cheer tryouts begin Jan. 2nd so enroll today for your shot at joining the squad! Visit us inworld or check out website for more information. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midnight%20Springs/106/192/25 http://northbraddockhs.wix.com/home
  5. StoneyBrook Medical School Nurse & Tech Training: Learn the ins and outs of medical assisting and patient care and be ready to start your new career in just 3 weeks! You'll Learn: •Basic Medical Terminology •Basic Patient Care •How to run a lab •Lab Tests •RP Skills And More.... Get full details and Enroll Online at: http://stoneybrook.wix.com/medical#!medicalschool/c1l8v
  6. Learn everything you need to know to begin your own dental business or add a new service to your existing health clinic with StoneyBrook Medical School's Summer Dentistry Course. Classes begin on Monday. Get full details and enroll online at: http://stoneybrook.wix.com/medical
  7. Have you always wanted to become a doctor? Now is your chance!! Classes start tomorrow for the StoneyBrook Medical School's Summer Session. Last one until the fall! We specialize in quality training that goes above and beyond with continuing education through out your medical career. Find out why StoneyBrook is different and enroll today! APPLY NOW: http://stoneybrook.wix.com/medical
  8. ++ StoneyBrook Medical School Now Accepting Students for Summer 2015!! ++ We are proud to offer a unique blend of real world Health and Wellness education along with the finest training in the Second Life Medical Field to help you take your career to new heights. Have you dreamed of a medical career in Second Life but lack the expertise and training? Do you want a top notch education that goes above and beyond the rest and specializes in creating a unique patient experience rich in realism? Then start your journey to becoming a doctor, dentist, midwife or nurse today! **** Classes Begin June 17 *** Apply Online Today!! http://stoneybrook.wix.com/medical Follow Us on Facebook!
  9. If you are having any trouble with the online application feel free to IM me or Allazondra Torii in world for an application as well!
  10. Avondale High School for the Performing and Liberal Arts is in need of teachers and coaches to join our team. If you are committed to education, community, and the arts then join us now for the Avondale difference! Teacher Applications: http://avondalehigh.webs.com/teacher-applications
  11. Avondale High School for the Performing and Liberal Arts is now accepting student applications for its first term in September. Students come first. It really IS that simple. Most schools seem to forget that, but that simple idea is at the center of Avondale life. Avondale High is a place where you can be yourself, where you can learn without disruption, where you can explore the ordinary subjects in extraordinary ways. It’s not just about taking classes- it’s also about broadening your horizons and contributing to your community, all at the same time. If you want an opportunity to see learning in a new light in an environment where you are more than just a student number, take a look at us! What makes Avondale High Different? A Parent-Teacher-Student Association: We believe that active and committed parents, teachers, and students are all necessary to create a healthy and nurturing school community, and thus, each group has a seat at the table.Classes that take the student into account: Students don't just have responsibilities- they have needs and desires as well. At Avondale High, we believe that subjects such as history and science can be taught in a way that gets the material across while also taking advatage of students' interests and unique circumstances.You: Instead of being a place where you are just another face or name, you will have the opportunity to participate in a community that your actions and participation helped to create, both inside and outside the classroom. Come to Avondale High and experience the Avondale Difference for yourself! Application: http://avondalehigh.webs.com/apply
  12. A new school is opening in September and is in need of a Ballet Teacher as well as teachers for other performing arts, visual arts, and traditional liberal arts subjects. Pay will be minimal based on enrollment, so this is a job about passion and community, not the money. If you are interested please contact Dr. Kayla Winters (winter.azarov) in world for an interview.
  13. Unfortunately, most of the people on this forum are not very familiar with Family RP communities. Here is how it works.... You go to the adoption agency of your choice, pay for the parents panel and fill out the application, dropping your photo (make sure it is family friendly) and application notecard into the panel. Next, you go and review the kids panels, when you find one(s) that you like, you will hit the "LIKE" button...if that child "likes" your panel as well, you are matched and you go on trial for a week or so. Either of you end the trail at any time. If the trial goes well and you decide to proceed the adoption will be finalized and you can get and adoption certificate. As far as allowance and what not....keep in mind that being a parent IS a big responsibility, you need to (at the very least) be sure that you have a home large enough to accomadate your new family, provide lots of interactive, rp experiences, you'll have to deal with school, find thea doctor , etc. It IS a big responsibility, but it is also very fun and rewarding and there is a HUGE Family RP community out there to give you lots of family things to do. There are also options if you choose to have a baby as an introduction to the family life, again you will have to find a doctor and all the things you will need for the pregnancy and then once your prim baby arrives you will have to care for it, buy the diapers and clothes etc. just as one would expect for a new addition.
  14. UPDATE: Got it and it works just fine, running on high and even went to some of the more laggy sims I tend to frequent and it might not be quite as smooth as my desktop but it works great. I'm using firestorm at the moment, have not tested it with the SL viewer yet but will do so later and I don't anticipate any problems with that one either (aside from the typical problems that is the SL viewer lol)
  15. No I most certainly do not!!!! OMG, how horribly rude!!! That whole stupid idea of lusting after some famous person is just absolutely horrible, it is just so rude you do not even know the person whatsoever. It is completely objectifying someone even more than this society already does. If I was with someone who I cared about and who was treating me properly why would I even dream of looking at someone else? That is not how real love works.....if a man truly loved a woman, he could walk into a room with a hundred naked chicks and never even notice because he would only have eyes for his wife....that is love....and that is how a REAL man would behave. As for what century I am in.....I in that time warp where women behaved as Ladies and respected themselves and where men were gentleman of honor. Interestingly enough, the divorce rate was not as high as the marriage rate either
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