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  1. Can you please give an estiamate as to how long the grid will be down for during the unplanned maintenance that has been going on today, it looks like many have been unable to log in for hours now, but i see that some are online, thanks, any information would be appreciated.
  2. Whenever i go to create an event listing it comes up with error code 404 and says "uh oh it appears buggy" This has been happening for 2 days now and i have tried three different browsers, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Would like to know solution to this problem. Thank you.
  3. Hi there, After downloading the latest firestorm, i notice in my profile that the web tab is now locked and i am unable to share something from it without logging in, it used to be open all the time, is there a way to unlock it so that i don't have to sign in each time i want to share something like a photo or a comment? I asked in firestorm support group but they said it was a LL issue. I look forward to hearing a solution, thank you!
  4. Was wondering will there be limits on buying and selling of maximum amounts and how often you can buy/sell when new charges apply in April, 2016? Doesn't seem fair if there will be considering how much price has increased from $1 to $15 maximum! Look forward to hearing a reply. It is unfair because it has jumped from $1 to $15!
  5. When i go to list an event it comes with error 404 message saying "uh oh buggy" What does this mean? I have just used Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox with the same response: https://secondlife.com/my/community/events/edit.php Uh oh. It's buggy.404The requested page was not found on this server.Content on this site changes regularly, so it's possible that the item you're looking for is now in another location. GO If you continue to receive this message after following a link from within this site, please contactSecond Life Support. :(
  6. I have just seen "Delivery Partially Failed" in the Marketplace store settings and as I have never seen this before I was wondering what does it mean? The person who bought my item has not im'd me to say that she didn't get the item but I am not sure what to do? Please advise
  7. I bought a full perm mesh product off marketplace and want to find out how i make this object in sl? I know how to create sculpts but it seems with the mesh it is a whole new ball game. It would be great if someone could help me thanks!
  8. Yes it seems that the person involved has ripped me off, I was just speaking to them on skype where the admitted and thought it was funny to give $10000L to me and then to find out that LL can take it back. As I said I feel violated and yes i have submitted a ticket, I just hope others aren't scammed like this because it will be the decline of SecondLIfe as we know it if people can get away with this fraudulent activity!!
  9. Recently LL took $10,000L from my acccount after someone inworld had paid me a gift, apparently they reported it as an unauthorised transaction and therefore the $L were given back, how can people get away with this?? I feel violated and I know it has happened to others too! What measures are LL taking to stop this fraudulant activity?
  10. Ha! I just realised you are my neighbour LilianaS! I have issued a ticket to LL but they probably won't listen to me as i don't own the sim, we will see what happens, I am giving it one more day then i might just pack up and move.
  11. hI Liliana, exactly the same thing is happening on the sim that i am on whereby the account goes to $-1L whenever a transaction takes place, this has been happening for over a week for me and i have contacted the landlord to no avail. I cannot pay rent and today when i log into SL i have been evicted after renting there for 4 years. People don't seem to realise that the sim needs to be restarted, please contact your landlord and see if they can do this for you, hopefully yours will be able to improve when this bug is removed after restart. In my case I have no idea what I am going to do. It really is affecting my business aswell.
  12. On the parcel of land that i rent no $L transactions can be made with an error message coming up: [02:55] There has been a problem transferring L$. This error has been logged and reported. [02:55] An internal error prevented us from properly updating your viewer. The L$ balance or parcel holdings displayed in your viewer may not reflect your actual balance on the servers. It then leaves my account with $-1L and i have to relog to get full $L back. It is happening to all who land on this sim. I have contacted the landlord and informed him to maybe restart the sim to correct this problem but is there anything else i can do?
  13. I have a lot of patience and i will wait for the problem to be fixed but it is now going on 11 hours and it is a little frustrating when your business depends on voice enablement. I will not post any tickets or ask for help anymore but if it goes on for days Linden Labs should compensate me for out of pocket expenses that are affecting my business in SL. Thank you for your help!
  14. The estate agent tried resetting the sim twice and still voice is down after 10 hours, it has something more to do with the region and possibly the maintenance that LL did at 7am on Wednesday 16th November, 2011. I need this fixed ASAP and need some HELP!!
  15. Voice is down on region http://slurl.com/secondlife/Vellas%206/98/136/980 for now 9 hours that i know of after maintenance on Wednesday, 16th November at 7am. I contacted estate agent for her to restart the area however voice has not been able to get enabled. She also sent a ticket to Linden Labs. How do i get this problem fixed? Who can i make a complaint to?
  16. Voice is not working in a particular area/sim but working elsewhere after a maintenance done by LL. The sim was restarted twice but still nothing is working, how do you get voice back on in region? Ticket submitted to LL but nothing has been fixed for it yet, how long do you have to wait for it to be fixed?
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