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    3D Max to SL model

    I appreciate the reply, and yes i have permission from the owner/builder of the RL yacht lol. And i have max 2011 so i could export whatever format makes life easier, Ill give you a shout in world next chance i get and thanks EDIT: i figured i would have to get someone to do the open doors and such scripting after the model was able to be imported into SL
  2. YBSMe2

    3D Max to SL model

    Ok, First and foremost I am New to SL, but i have step off into it at a dead run thanks to a great friend of mine in SL already, that said, Please be kind, lmao. I have a yacht model in .3ds format i would like to get into SL to use as my home, it is a famous RL yacht i used to work on and i can't talk about, but, i would really like to have it in world, can anyone direct me to who i might talk to about paying to do this. I don't have time to learn to do it myself and I have heard it can be tough keeping prims down while converting. I know there are some amazing modelers in SL from what I have already seen. Thanks for your time and I hope I got the right forum to post this in. EDIT: Just a side note, I own 3d Max so I could export the model in any format that Max will export if this info helps at all, Thanks again Ray
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