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  1. Cheers to you Veritas! Congrats on your 7th birthday (or rez day)! I hope that you can still find people and interests in SL that will keep you coming back. I am a relative newcomer compared to you, but I have also felt the affect of so many changes, I started out exploring (not having any gaming or even much social experience on the web), quickly became obsessed and immersed in all of the social, romantic, economic and creative aspects of sl, as the rl economy slowed down I had more and more free time for sl and then suddenly I realized I had to snap back to rl, pay attention and go get some more jobs so I could continue to pay the rl bills etc. My time in SL has dwindled, instead of a second life it's became a pleasurable pastime. These days I mostly log in to say hi to friends, explore, take pictures, build myself a new house or sky box... I can't yet let go of my mainland home tho I don't use it much. Despite its annoyances I still love SL, it is still an escape. Do you feel the same way?
  2. Sorry, I had to remove the pictures as they are technically not mine to share... lesson learned: alts should not drink wine and post pictures of their mains. LOL.
  3. Shhhh - its an extra compliment coming from you, thank you!
  4. Last Call was so ahead of its time, I have his gowns "stashed" in my inventory and still sometimes dust them off and wear them out. Amazing textures and designs. See my post of the first dress I purchased in sl.
  5. Another of my first purchases in 2007, I loved this outfit but couldn't find shoes to go with it, I often wore it bare footed. Designed by Fade Dana, purchased 3/20/07, "Thread Bare, Raggy Ass" me grins:
  6. But... ewwww a picture of the shoes I bought in 2007....
  7. A trip down memory lane, this was the first dress (maybe the first clothing) purchase I made in March of 2007, from Last Call, designed by the late (genius) Ginny Talamasca... this little dress still looks fantastic and moves well, amazing!
  8. I am in a very busy "fashion fair" sim and almost everything is grey. I use the phoenix viewer with a pretty decent computer and a slowish internet connection, I seem to remember there was a way to "refresh" your view - I don't know if it was a general feature or a phoenix feature - does anyone know?
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