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  1. pop over to Country Strong Saloon. Country Strong Saloon Country Mu, Party City (61, 194, 21) Message me (Ashley Turnbull) Manager, Mr Toxic Kingsley or Mrs Phoebe Kingsley - joint owners
  2. The "Country Strong Saloon" is hiring DJ's & Hosts. We require people to work between the hours of 8AM - 8PM SLT. Experience isn't necessary but those who do will already have one foot through the door. All we ask is that you Avatar is over 30 day's and must be able to speak and understand English. It's an new and exciting club looking for folks of SL to come down and have a good time. We have the following: *Dance floor and bar *Games area for those who like a gamble *Fantastic music *Good vibe *Place for you to earn some $L - Country Strong Saloon Country Mu, Party City (61
  3. Hi Community, I finally got back onto SL after nearly a year out of game and i'm currnetly looking for somewhere to Roleplay. I'm looking for either and medieval roleplay with Armys, kings etc or 18th Century Roleplay Pirates navy etc. (I know of Antiquity its basically dead now) So i was wondering if anybody could suggest somewhere.
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