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  1. I do not own a credit card. My Paypal is verified with my bank and i already used it for L$ but i took it off because it wasnt letting me use it a second time. I try to put it back on and now it asks for a credit card. Does anyone know whats going on or even a fix? (edit) Okay, i guess i need to be more clear. I have had my Paypal attached to an alt account for a few days, was able to do 9 Linden transactions. It is instant, money gets taken out of my bank instantly. The problem is, i connected it to my main account, was able to purchase once on my main account, then when i attempted again, it failed. i tried the viewer and it told me i had no payment methood. So i thought maybe it was a glitch, disconnected my paypal from my main account and attempted to put it back, it told me i need a credit card (which it only did before my bank was verified). But it seems to be a paypal issue since i cant even send money from my bank onto paypal.
  2. Thank you very much. This was just a question i had for years. i dont rp as a teen on my main account which has children, but i do have a alt that i play as a kid. the question was brought up because my friend who plays a teen bugged me to play one as well and my husband was worried about us being reported and blamed for sexual age play. so the youngest ill go is 18 if i ever choose to step down from my current age.
  3. I have been here for 5 years and never really had this question answered. Can someone RP as 16/17 and pregnant or as a parent? Is 16-17 age play / child play or w.e its called? Where i live (Canada) the legal age for sex is 16. Which is why i ask. i understand 15 and under, but most 16+ in rl are having sex.
  4. hey everyone. my bf and i bought a sim a month ago and the rent is due in 5-4 days. does LL take the money from paypal or do i have to manually pay to LL? if manually, how? i cant seem to find out how....
  5. Im posting this for my boyfriend. Hes telling me what to say. I am trying to buy lindens using Lindex (with prepaid visa) and with paypal (same card) but they both fail! i keep coming back with "There was a problem charging your payment method." I have called SL billing and they said there was nothing wrong, that to call the people who deal with the cards. so i called Visa and they said that the card was fine and that its SL. i dont trust third party exchanges. any idea how to fix this? i swear i tried everything, even my gf has tried it herself and it doesnt work. all billing info is the same. LINDEX SHOULD ACCEPT ALL CARD! i have never had ANY issues with these cards, they are the same cards we have always used. and even then! paypal accepts them but sl isnt accepting the paypal when it did last time. gf is now saying do a third party so give me a few good ones that have the best rating and everyone likes it or something.
  6. Im looking for some friends here because I'm having some issues with teleporting and randomly crashing. Im a really sweet person but very protective and would do just about anything to protect My family and friends. Im the kind of person who uses RL emotions on sl and even though you may just be an sl friend, ill still worry if I know you are hurt or are hurting. Im active on sl every day, but I do have school. My timezone is Central America. Feel free to add me and get to know me more! viikamisamarie resident
  7. good day, thank you from reading this post, it is very upsetting, i know. i had just updated to the new update given to me today for Second Life Viewer. when i have logged on, everything was pink and purple, every PRIME that is. The walls in my house were purple, and so were the floor. my bed was pink and so was the rest of the furniture. my clothing and skin, aswell as the rwst were fine, but when it came to yhe add on piercings, beards, hair, primes, flexi skirts, it was all pink. It is not a GRAPHIC CARD problem, my computer is fine, i have checked everything and this is only happening to anything to do with Second Life. I have also tried to download and install other Viewers of second life, but all come up with the same pink and purple problem. So far, i have tried Singularity, SL Beta, Firestorm and Pheonix. ALL come out pink. [What i have done to try to fix the problem] - Tried Different Veiwers - Cleared Cache - Restarted computer - Checked Graphics - changed settings Nothing has changed. please help me. http://tinypic.com/r/1535veo/5 thats what it looks like on my screen
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