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  1. right i have two accounts and i send my other account what is called dillysilly button11,100 ld and it didnt come tho and itt didnt send the money back please help
  2. i sent my other accound my money with was 11,100 and it didnt get it and i didnt get my money back helppp!!!!
  3. when i buy stuff whats over 1000L i dont give me the item i have loset over 2000l on it and i dont kno whats going on
  4. im really stressed now this has happend to dillysilly button and dylan rinq please help
  5. when is the update coz im gettin the unable to connect to simulator help please
  6. I can't login on my avatar as I keep getting 'unable to connect to simulator' but if I select secondlife beta then I can but I find I have no contacts at all and all my grooups on there are ones I left a long time ago and can hardly tp to anywhere. I'm having no problems with getting another of my avatars on the usual way with secondlife ... its logging in fine, just the unable to connect to simulator with one particular avatar ... hope this makes sense?
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