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  1. Hey! Im not sure if your still looking for answers for this or not but maybe this will help others in the future! I was having the same problem as you just a few days ago and happened to stumble upon this Gem of a Video! This video shows you exactly how to rig your mesh and how to export/ import it as well. The name of the Video is: "Rigging in 3DS Max for Second Life - Tutorial" Rigging in 3DS Max for Second Life - Tutorial Here is the SLAV plug-in as well if you are in need of the Body's and bones get the bones. http://wiz-bg.blogspot.com/p/slav-3ds-max.html I know the video shows how to do it for a full avatar but it works the exact same for clothing. Make sure you pay attention to the end where he shows you how to add the rest of the bones you do not actually need. Also. Make sure you use all 26 bones correctly named. Banged my head against the wall a few times before I realized I missed a few. There are other ways to add the weights like painting and such but I find this to be a great way to start out! *TIP* If you do use the SLAV Plug-in make sure you only rig using the bones scaled to "1". The default is 40.0 in order to create the mesh clothing but when rigging the Mesh for export everything needs to be scaled down to "1". If you do not then you will have a Giant with a stick monster body.
  2. *** Notice *** I never actually figured out what was wrong with this but have found that simply using the regular tools in 3DS Max allong with the SLAV Plug-in, a much easier and rewarding path. I know that Mesh is still a bit new but after a few days of research allong with Trial and error I believe I can go far here! I have just started using 3DS Max to being creating models using the Prim Composer script. Everything is fine when in 3DS Max but as soon as I try to upload into second life using a TRG file the Model is warped in the Second life program and usually has a huge Cut on one side and a hole in it.. Why is this happening? I have not found any way to create these models using 3DS Max other than this method and now its messing up behind belief... Any help or advice would be great! Here is a link to the picture of the problem... Model_cut_up
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