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  1. Hello, everyone, I would love to have Linden Lab's official position on this, but... *sigh* I know of a griefer who has been harassing many, many Residents and many, many sims often repeatedly for at least a year now. Some of the things that have been done are extremely vicious. They have used many alts, maybe near 20, to do so. A lot of these alts no longer exists. I know for a fact the Linden Lab banned 3 of them within 2 days. However, a number of them do still exist and this person keeps creating new alts to grief with. With regards to the Community Standards, it says this: http://secondlife.com/corporate/cs.php ---------- 4. Disclosure Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience. Sharing personal information about your fellow Residents without their consent -- including gender, religion, age, marital status, race, sexual preference, alternate account names, and real-world location beyond what is provided by them in their Resident profile -- is not allowed. Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants' consent are all prohibited. ----------- Further down in the Standards, there is this: ----------- Alternate Accounts While Residents may choose to play Second Life with more than one account, specifically or consistently using an alternate account to harass other Residents or violate the Community Standards is not acceptable. Alternate accounts are generally treated as separate from a Resident's principal account, but misuse of alternate accounts can and will result in disciplinary action on the principal account. ---------- I have an acquaintance who claims sharing the names in-world of the main account and the alts they use to grief with with others who are being harassed and attacked and crashed is against the Community Standards because of the "Disclosure" section. I think he is wrong in his claim. I think if a Resident is using alts for the purpose of griefing, they have -no- right to "a reasonable level of privacy" (as is stated in Disclosure) with regards to sharing their primary account's and alts' names with others who have been and are being attacked in order to protect themselves -- and so they can do full and accurate Abuse Reports on this person. In fact, given what is stated in the "Alternate Accounts" section, I think the Community Standards actually supports doing this. As I said, I would love to have Linden Lab's official position on this, but that isn't very likely to happen. So what do people here think with regards to this matter? Thanks. -- Frank Lincoln ======================== FOLLOW-UP: Ah, well thanks, everyone. It's nice to know all of you believe in the hypocritical "Don't do as I do, do as I say" policy of Linden Lab. It's basically what I expected. I'll be sure to tell the people who were harassed and attacked for months your opinions. And, gees, some folks wonder why membership in Second Life is dropping!
  2. It would take far too long to explain this situation in detail here. Let me simply say I have not the slightest doubt this is true. This is ALL a Real Life matter. I know of a Resident who is most certainly suicidal. He has tried to kill himself at least 3 times before in the 2 years I have know him. He plans to be dead before Christmas. It is also very possible that he will allow a man he is living with to murder him, because this Resident wants to die. This other man has repeatedly seriously emotionally and physically abused this Resident. This man cause long-last bodily injuries to this Resident. I NEED TO KNOW WHO THE LINDENS NEED *ME* TO CONTACT, WHAT AUTHORITIES TO CONTACT, WHO CAN THEN WILL CONTACT LINDEN LABS WHO WILL BE ABLE TO GET THE PERSONAL INFORMATION THEY NEED TO FIND THIS RESIDENT AND HELP HIM! This Resident lives in California where Linden Labs also is. ================================= I had already read that information, KarenMichelle. It was totally useless. I've done all that and share all that and much more with this Resident and it was useless. He is very uneducated and ignorant of daily life. He didn't even know what a fax number was. He does not even understand very basic things in life, because of the horrible emotional and physical abuse he suffer as a teenager. Yes, I am well aware that LL isn't just going to give out that info to anyone -- that is why I need who is authority can get the info from LL. My friend lives in LA. I spend over 2-3 hours on the phone just now talking with various LAPD departments, only to get referred to someone else and start over again. I finally ended up dumped to a department that had NOTHING to do with such a matter and was just a damned voice recording. They were not skeptical, but it was like they were all clueless. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get in touch with an LAPD detective?! Does anyone want to help me with information to stop a potential homicide?! ====================================================== KarenMichelle wrote: Beyond your chatted discourses, do you really know anything about this person? Our "chatted discourses" have been over two years and likely have been a total time of 1-2 months. What do I know about him? I know his father, his only parent, threw him out of his home when he was 15. The father then moved, sold the house, and moved *somewhere*. He abandoned my friend to the streets where he had to survive, in his own words, as a whore. I know during the 5+ years he was homeless. he spent a great deal of time in libraries, which is where he learned how to use a computer. (I worked in public libraries for over 25 years and saw this type of thing happen repeatedly.) I know he is using a old laptop he was given my one elderly woman who briefly helped him. I know he has tried to kill himself at least 3 times in the past 2 years. I was in IM with him for over 5 hours one of those times. Another time he almost succeed, having slit his wrist in a bathtub filled with warm water. I have 3 photos of him in RL. I know that at the start of this year, he was forced to move into the apartment of a sexual sadist, because my friend was literally starving. (Attempts to get him to to use food banks were rejected, because he believes others need the food more than he does.) I know shortly thereafter this sadist crushed my friend's ribs so badly he passed out from the pain. When he woke up, he saw that this sadist had ejaculated on him while he had been passed out. I know this sadist preventing him from getting medical help and that as of last night, by friend was still in a great deal of pain from his ribs. I know this sadist forced my friend to break off all contact with the few people he did know. He no longer has email or IM. All he has left is SL, which until last night, I had not heard from my friend here for 3 months and that he was scared to even use SL because of this sadist monster. I have in likely totallyng months of talk with him in great, great, great deal about his life and so many other things, NEVER ONCE found him contradicting anything he had said before. I have kept my chats with him in SL and on Yahoo IM on my computer since I started talking with him. I have like 100s or more pages of our discussions. So, let me make this very clear to you, KarenMichelle: THIS IS REAL. ====================================================== steph Arnott vomited: "I have no doubt that this is a load of tosh." It's the truth, you @sshole. ====================================================== After many hours of trying to speak to someone, an LAPD detective contacted me and is investigating this. He gave me his direct phone number and email address. I have sent him the information I had. It was several hundred pages. He told me he would keep in contact with me, to inform me of how things are going.
  3. Solar Legion wrote: I am willing to bet it was one of the vigilante thugs who have nothing better to do than patrol the sandboxes, log information which they have no right to, harass users, file frivolous abuse reports and track down real life information. All while dressed up as copywritten characters. Meh. I've seen a lot of griefers in these Help groups making that same exact *claim*. It's a like a broken record. You can tell they specifically hunt for messages that have to do with griefing -- and especially about anti-griefers -- so they can post the same exact *claim* in then, over and over again. Sometimes the griefers will attack people in SL Help in numbers. It's their own little propaganda machine. After all, when it comes down to it, griefers are *bullies*. Meanwhile in SL itself, I have seen griefers organizing themselves into groups and attack a sandbox with wave after wave of griefing. With the Lindens now not paying much attention to public sandbox griefing, I have seen some attacks there going on for days on end. With the public sandboxes such easy targets now, I have see griefers go on to attack other Residents' sims. I've seen entire sims wiped out by the Lindens and residents banned because the whole sim was just a griefer HQ. And this is *not* rumor. I have *seen* this directly myself! Of course, then the the griefers come back in with alts they have, though sometimes the Lindens ban the specific IS address itself, making their return a lot harder, but sadly, not impossible. When I first entered SL, after about a month, some griefer (or griefers) started to stalk and harass me every day, sometimes more that once. It was a new 1-3 day-old alt every time. The owner of the sim turned out to be totally useless in helping me. This went on for *weeks*. Remember, I was new to SL so I did know a lot of the things I could so. After some weeks of this, a friend gave me a security orb and I put that up. But I had to limit the distance of it, because of other houses nearby on the same sim. The griefer would still walk around my home, outside the security orb's range, day after day. In the end, it was anti-griefers who help me. They showed me how to do abuse reports. But that didn't stop whoever this was. In the end, I had to move out -- and I was given a very nice home to stay in -- for free -- on a sim belonging to 3 anti-griefers. I never found out who griefed me for weeks or why. I have to say, that was a really lousy try with the big lie. Legion. Are you many? *yawn* . . .
  4. Hey, people, I don't know if it is related, but I am using the latest version of the Firestorm viewer. This is not urgent or anything, but I find it downright ODD. As of yesterday -- it never happened before -- when I now long in, *this* happens: Then after a while, I am suddenly in my avatar's normal appearance. Has this, is this happening to anyone else?! But What The Heck is this -- and *why*? Thanks! . . .
  5. I am using the current Firestorm Viewer. An acquaintance of mine has become TOTALLY INVISIBLE to me. He does not appear as a cloud. I do not see any tags for him at all, name or otherwise. I would not even know he was there except he appears on my Nearby List. He is NOT blocked. He can IM me and we can also chat in Local. I actually tried blocking and unblocking him a number of times to see if that might change things, but it did not. I had him bumped me several times to see if he was physically there to me, and, yes, he is. He could push me. When I put my mouse pointer over him on the screen, well, I move it around to where he should be if I could see him, I get nothing. No menu comes up. Nothing on him shows in transparency mode to me, although it does with others right next to him. Other people can see him just fine, without any problems! To me, there is absolutely nothing there. This was not a problem until a week or so ago. Before that, I could see him perfectly fine. He went off of SL for a few weeks and when he returned, I could not see him. I have been with him several times now, on different days, and it is always the same. I can no longer see him at all, not even a tag. I have *not* encounter this problem with anyone else that I am aware of. What is going on?! Thanks. . . . =============== Oh, crap. ANOTHER completely, clean reinstall? This would be the 5th time this month; I had to do ones with the new Firestorm viewer! Plus, not only for the updates, but I ran into a similar problem of NOT being able to see the floors of a mansion another friend had build (only to have him delete the whole thing a few weeks later, because the owner of the sim decided to sell it (then, after my friend had deleted it, the owner decided *not* to sell it. ARGH!). Everyone else could see them and I could see everything else there, but not the floors. I was wondering if this might be a similar problem to that. D: D: D: Well, it might be a solution, but it is not an answer for me. It took me 3 days every time I had to do a clean reinstall to get everything back to the way it was! I even printed out *every* page of my viewer's preferences (I think I ended up with near 30 pages) so I could set them the way I had. (I recycled those in the trash several weeks ago.) I hate to say this, but unless someone comes up with an better answer, it is not going to happen. He's an acquaintance and I don't see him that often. He can just stay invisible rather than my suffering (there is no other way to put it) doing yet *ANOTHER* clean reinstall. * * *
  6. I think It's so funny how the best way to stop a griefer is to just run away and let them win... Makes me want to never play second life again. I mean seriously that's the best answer for everything on this answers board for griefing and abuse. I get no auto replies for the lindens anymore when I file and there for have no idea if they even receive them. I'm in the wrong business helping new people I should just be a griefer like the rest if they don't care. I don't get it, why is the so hard to just get them to so something about some of these blatant attacks on the residents? It is really starting to become pathetic. That is one of the reasons I will not pay to have an account here. (Maybe this belongs in the rant and raves section) -------- This is so very true, it's pathetic. Even the Lindens don't care anymore. "Run away, run away! Let the bullies win!" Thanks for nothing. Within the past 2 months I saw a griefing going on for at least 6 WEEKS, non-stop, even though I and many others I know reepeatedly filed Abuse Report after Abuse Report after Abuse Report about this attack. Anyone who tried to tp into that sim was crashed by a massive graphic attack there that NO ONE seem to care to stop -- except those few who did care, but didn't have the power to do so. I am seeing sims being griefed *now* that NEVER had such problems before in their long existence in SL -- and the Lindens again do NOTHING. At this point, I think anyone who *believes* the Lindens will help them with griefers is just fooling themselves. ARs have become a waste of time. You're basically on your own.
  7. That isn't as dumb a question as it might seem. This person is a member of my group. It gives them the right to mark my land as their Home, which they have done. However, they have abused their group rights and I want to remove them. Their profile shows they are a member of my group. HOWEVER, there being a member NO longer shows in my group, so I have no way to remove them. They belong to a few other groups as well, which I joined to see when they might have last been in SL. And, ta-duh, their name does NOT show in any of those groups as well! I looked up their profile by using my Friends' List (because, for now, they are still there). HOWEVER, when I do an SL Search for them in my viewer, I get a result of nothing found and no profile. So, SL has been seriously messed-up for over a week now (well, I mean far worse than usual) and I suspect serve-side baking isn't helping at all. I and many of those I know have some VERY weird and VERY frustrating things happen in the last 2 weeks and in particular the last few days. But some of this stuff is just *totally* crazy. So how do I get this person out of my group, which shows in their profile, but not in my group info, so I can just be rid of them?
  8. Hello, all, I am curious as to what are the lowest-numbered -- non-working example (1,1,1) -- and the highest-numbered -- non-working example (999,999,999) -- locations a regular Resident can go to in SL. It doesn't mater if there is anything there or not. :matte-motes-grin: For example being underwater or in mid-air. Thanks much!
  9. :matte-motes-dead: Everything in my Lives seems to be A Long Story, so let me just ask this: The Subject is my question. What happens if you send money to someone who has blocked you? I can't really find an answer to this in HELP or at least one that is recent. Do they qet the money? Or is the money blocked and returned to you? Or is the money blocked, then "deleted" (likely going to LL?) and you never know if they got it or if you truly lost it? Do you get any type of notification at all of what happens when you do this? Additionally, recent changes to how money is paid/given to someone now allows you to write a note explaining what the money is for. If the person does get the money, do they also get the note? Or... what? Thanks much. -------------------- My question for you is: Why would you want to pay someone you've blocked? ... If it were me, I'd pay my money to someone that I actually like. ----------------------- Ah, someone else who read my question backward. He blocked me; I did not block him. It is a very bad misunderstand; he thought I did not tell him something I actually had, but he became furious over this without my ever having a chance to sort it out. He has been forced to lead a very hard, very difficult, very miserable life. Around now, I don't know exactly, is his birthday. I wanted to give lindens so he could exchange them for real dollars he could use to make his Real Life, I hope, a little better. I've done this in the past with him. I did actually test this with an alt I have, which occured to me suggested I send them money to see. :matte-motes-grin: I have a few alts for purposes like this. The money did arrive fine. I did get the message saying I had paid him, but even though the money was added to the alt's account, the alt got no notice I had paid him. This is just as well with my friend; he can't be sure who sent him the money, so he can't return it. As far as sending a short note with paid money, this is an option Firestorm gives you. It seems at least some other viewers don't have that. Thanks to everyone who answered! 
  10. . This is a follow-up question to one I asked a few days ago. The question is the Subject: May an underage avatar found and own an Adult (sex) group? The founder/owner in question has a 12 years-old boy avatar. (The age is clearly stated in his profile.) The Charter for this Adult group includes this: ---------- This is a group for Older Men/ Younger Males, Masters / Boy Slaves, and Gay men with similar interests. To find each other here in Second Life. [sic] Roleplay,BDSM,Kidnapping,Bondage, Domination,friendship,Love and Family. [sic] ---------- I just want to be sure if this is an abuse or not, before I take further steps in reporting it. Also I think this actually falls under a number of different abuses, so I would like to know which ones or ones would be the best to use if I do report this as abuse. I just want to be sure of getting this right. (Maybe a Linden will answer, so I can truly be certain about this. Well, one can dream.) Thanks much, people.
  11. ... Hello, I have been a member of a adult-rate group for older, adult gay men and younger, adult gay men to meet for sometime now. There are several such groups like this in SL. I noticed yesterday the group's Profile Image had been recent changed and when I looked at it, it now shows a Real Life photo of an older man with gray hair sitting a boy who looked like he was under 10 years old! I was going to ask the group's "two owners" about what I think is encouraging Age Play and violating the Terms of Service, but when I did so I found both these accounts has the *same* underage avatar which was stated in the biographical text as being a *12-year old* boy. I reported both these 2 personal accounts as the owners of a group encouraging Age Play -- and then I left the group. But what I would like to know is if there is a way I can report the *group itself* for abuse? I have reported members in the past who clearly have underage avatars for posting in the adult group's chat and also send Notecards to the founder/owner. He did not then have a profile image of his own before, so little did I know he actually was supporting such Age Play. I've done many Abuse Reports before, for griefing and other thing, but I have no idea how to report a *group* in the abuse form. Would someone please tell me if this is possible and exactly how I would do this? I deeply feel this group should be *removed* for SL as soon as possible. As a gay man, I am very aware of many attempts to link being gay with pedophilia, so when I see something like this it really angers me.  Thank you very much for your time and your help. ------- Peggy, this is the group's charter: --------------- This is a group for Older Men/ Younger Males, Masters / Boy Slaves, and Gay men with similar interests. To find each other here in Second Life. Roleplay,BDSM,Kidnapping,Bondage, Domination,friendship,Love and Family. The group is open for anyone to Join. please, abide by the Second life Terms of Service when using the group. -------------------- This IS An *Adult* sex group. Read what I said about the the group's profile image, of an older man with a *child* -- and about the founder/owner of this group who has a *12-year old* avatar. Read what I said about there constantly being very under-age avatars as members -- and posting in chat. Do you think asking to "abide" by SL's ToS is going to hold up with Linden Labs, given all the Age Play presented in this Adult sex group? Do you still think my Abuse Reports will go nowhere? I don't. If they don't, shame on Linden Labs.
  12. - I rented a sky platform several days ago, but there is a recurring problem the land owner does not seem to be able to solve. I can rez and built there without problems. However there is an item I have used daily on other sims I have rented on that well, works and then it doesn't. When I try to use the device, I get this message: "Constructs inhibited by parcel". And so my device doesn't work. The first day I rented the platform it worked fine. The next day it didn't. I contacted the land owner about the problem. He thought it was due to my platform being over an unrented one, so he moved my platform. My device worked again fine for the rest of the day. Now this morning again, my device won't work. Again I get "Constructs inhibited by parcel" when I try to use it. The owner again came to look at it, but could not figure out what the problem is. I asked and he said there had been a restart since I was last on. I wonder if the restart re-set something -- but again, what that *something* is, is unknown. I even asked the guy who created the device what the problem might be. The device works through a HUD and he suggested I remove it and put it back on to "set" it to the new sim I am in. I tried that and it did not work. There is a block on the property that says "This area has building disabled. You can't build or rez objects here." However once I joined the land group, I had no problem with doing either. But I can't make constructs here! I literally spent 3-5 hours for 4 days searching for a property like this sky platform. It is everything I was trying to find. But this PROBLEM is a deal-breaker for me. If I *cannot* use this device that makes constructs, I am going to have to ask for a refund and start searching again. And, gods, I cannot tell you how much I *hate* doing that. Why is this "Constructs inhibited by parcel" happening it? And how can the land owner get rid of it?! Thanks for your help very much. I hope someone can tell me what to do to fix this.  -- Frank Lincoln P.S.... I check all of SL Help for "Constructs inhibited by parcel" and even "Constructs inhibited" and other forms of this. I cannot find any information on this. Please help. P.S.. Great, just found out you can't rely to answers in this format. Not helpful. So: ---------- on 02-19-201208:06 AM Just a guess. Since the land is set to a group, and only group members can rez objects there, your tool may need to be deeded to the group to work correctly. Like an SL radio or TV. I suggest you talk to the creator of the tool first, before deeding the tool. ---------- I think that is what the creator intended to happy by having me take the device and put it back on -- which I should have added, he told me to do wearing the land group's tag. Which I did. I literally took off all that I could from my avatar, including this device, put on the group's tag, logged-out, logged back it. But the device and it's HUD back on -- and nothing. Still didn't work. By the way, I had forgot about this when I originally posted this, but it is my device that is giving me this message, that "Constructs inhibited by parcel." I am starting to wonder if despite my ability to build and rez there, it is the "No building" block on the sim that is preventing my device from working there. But that doesn't explain why moving the platform to another location, not that far away, would let it work again, but then not the next day. Or does it? P.S. Sorry for the errors in writing, people. I'm dyslexic -- and it can get really distressing in SL for me, when so much of the communication is by IM. *sigh* 
  13. Okay, my problem is this: I have a skybox home in SL. I have a number of friends. Sometimes some of my friends just visit me without first IMing me -- or the IM me but they don't receive a reply, sothey think it is okay to come by. Sometimes, even though I have asked them before, they forget to ask me first. (We're all human...well, avatars.) The problem is two-fold. First, some of my friends don't like each other. They have very good reasons for themselves to feel this way, so that isn't a problem for me. However I might be with one person, chatting or hanging out, and sometimes one of my friends they don't like withbefore tping into my home, not to tell them them they suddenly are *not* allowed at my home at all? just suddenly tp in. Gees, has that gotten very unpleasant at time. Now the other things is, sometimes even when they IM me, I don't always see them because I am *cough* busy. So they think I am not home and will tp there just to relax or whatever. In one case it was the sim owner who I had asked to do some modifications on my home because he was the owner (I rent). In the first case, I had one friend who had IMed me several times and when I didn't reply, he drop in, saw what I was doing, then he sent me a message he was jumping of the edge of my skybox. I did see that last message and yes, he did. With the sim owner, he dropped in when I was having a fairly serious argument with a friend (we worked it out), but his appearance added additional tensions level to my friend's and my argument. Now I already have one Security Device, but of course, that lets my friends in, because they are on it's white list. But the only solution I can think of to prevent people from just tping when I want or need privacy, is to get a 2nd Security Device that will ban everyone (except for the people or people who are with me at that time), when I don't want others tping in. So I have two questions: 1) Is there someway I can do this, have this privacy mode on my rental skybox without using another Security Device? Is there something similar I can use or do in a different way? Or does anyone have any good ideas? 2) If the Security Device seems the best way to go, does anyone know of one where you can *change* the warning message?! I would like to be able to remind my friends they should get my permission before tping into my home, not to tell them them they suddenly are *not* allowed at my home at all? In other words: *help* Thanks much, people! -- Frank Lincoln (franklincoln) =========================================================== Okay, generally the response to my question was this: "Your life is WAY too complicated. If you don't want friends to drop in without calling first, just have the guts to say so. Don't make some machine say it for you. IMO, security orbs are a pain in the butt. They always offend people that you don't want to offend, and they send everyone the message that you have them on "a list"." ---------------------- Maybe I did make this clear enough, but I did say my first paragarph I *had* asked. Sometimes they forgot. So none of the already given answers, anwered my question. Which is my I have maked it new again. Given this: I have two questions: 1) Is there someway I can do this, have this privacy mode on my rental skybox without using another Security Device? Is there something similar I can use or do in a different way? Or does anyone have any good ideas? 2) If the Security Device seems the best way to go, does anyone know of one where you can *change* the warning message?! I would like to be able to remind my friends they should get my permission. I'm trying NOT to be rude to my friends. I just want a way to prevent them from tping in when I am in the middle of something important -- and sometimes it can be very important -- and I am not talking sex, I am talking about trying to prevent a friend from kill himself. Thank you for your time. ========================== Still no answer that addresses my problem. *sigh* I *have* asked my friends. Sometimes they forget. I'm trying to do this as nicely as possible with my friends, but using another device, rather then tell them to GO AWAY when I am in the middle of something. Often by then, their merely showing up has already caused problems -- sometimes bad ones. I don't want to have to put them back on my Security Orbs white-list *EVERY* time they visit and then remove them each time they first. So I would appreciate it if people focused on what I asked, is there an option or device that can be used just to prevent my friends sometime from just TPing in when I want some privacy?! UPDATE: Gee-whiz. A bunch of answers and it seems not one of those posters bothered to actually READ what I wrote.
  14. Hello, people. I have a friend (and a Friend) who told me his has closed his SL account (actually he closed 2 that he had) and I need to know if there is a way I can tell this ASAP. He still shows up in my Friends List. And if I click it, I get his profile. And if I IM him, I just get the "User if Off-line; Message will be saved" thing. I do not want to go into why, but it is *very* important for his sake to know if he has closed these accounts. Thank you for your help. -- Frank Lincoln (franklincoln)
  15. open the profile then go to the section of the profile that you are wanting to AR...then go to the menu up top and click help.. then choose report abuse option.. then also choose "include snapshot" and it should take a picture of the profile page you have open..also type whatever comments you may have.. but try to keep it to details and not drama..because they will just ignore the drama and look to the details. ........................................................................................... Thank you much! This was *exactly* the information I needed. Good for you! *thumbs up*
  16. ---------- If someone is harassing you by naming you in their profile picks...then file an abuse report. Include a screenshot, and make sure to list what that person is actually posting in their profile. (quote them in the abuse report) ----------- I have a friend who is having a similar problem. So how the heck do you file Abuse Report on a profile? There is no way that I can see to click on it to report it as being abusive. :matte-motes-frown: Some help would be most welcomed. THANKS! 
  17. I want to thank everybody for their help in this and their suggestions; I will read them more closely, but many seem they will be helpful, especially the one on how to stop people from "Following" me. Let me comment on to things: * The old Landmark possibility doesn't work. You see the sim was set up so that anyone who did *not* live there would all land at the same point which was a fair distance away from my home. And that is what happened; all these avatars would land in that area. I started leaving my mini-map open all the time when I was in my house so I could see who arrived. If it had been a different sim once, landing where they did they would have to go outside to come to my house and whatever it might have been, it now looked like an Egyptian Oasis. And so many 1 or 2 days old avatars using *old* Landmarks? Next when these stranger arrived, after a while they all began to come *directly* to my house and as I said it was a fair distance from the central landing point. AND even if there were other people on the sim at the time, they would had *directly* for my house. I even watched on the mini-map, just after I had installed my security orb, one of them circling my house as they lasted how far the security field extended from my home. And finally, again, there was their behavior. As I said they all started coming directly towards my home, nowhere else. Also when they were able to enter my home, they would all just stand there and say nothing. I tried IMing a number of times with many of these different avatar, and not once did they reply to me. At all. This wasn't an old Landmark. This was stalking and harassment. I've tried many times to come up with reasons why some of all this might have been happen and I've heard a lot of people try to just explain it away as just coincidence or something not threatening. It even took me a week myself, after having these strange people show up in my home day after day, for me to even realize I was being Griefed. Occam's Razor is a concept that suggest choosing from among competing hypotheses the one that makes the fewest new assumptions. And the simplest explanation for *all* of these events together was I was being Griefed. * On buying land, would that I could. I just don't have the money and things recently took a very bad turn for me in RL. I started using SL as a way to relax, have fun, and meet and make friends with new people to help be cope with all the Real Life stuff. I still am, but the ongoing stalking has just added a sourness to many things now. * Finally on the "there are many nice people in SL" someone I had gotten to know introduced me to 2 others people with which they owned a sim. And they invited me to come and see it and get to know them. And while I was there they gave me a skybox on their sim for no cost. It is a *huge* skybox with a *huge* house on it, with a large front yard, a swimming pool, and a 2-floor house with many rooms, completely furnished, with a hot tub in the bathroom, and media hook-ups. These wonderful 3 people did this because they knew that even while I has being stalked and harassed, I continued to try and help new people and others with getting to know SL, as trying to help them sometimes with major issues and problems in their RL lives. It took me a while to even understand they were giving me a home because it was so unbelievable to me. Thank you again everyone for all your help. It is very, very welcomed and appreciated. -- Frank Lincoln (franklincoln)
  18. Hi, I have been being stalked and harassed in SLS for 5+ weeks now. I was repeatedly having complete strangers come into my home, who would just stand there, and say nothing. Day after day, some times twice a day. Let me say, and this is an understatement, that the sim's landlord said he could *not* do anything about security on his sim, that I was the only one to complain, that there it was my problem, and if I didn't like it I could leave. I thought these might have been random mistakes by people at first, but after about 4 days, I had 2 different men at different times invade my home on the same day. In both cases I managed to look at their profiles and saw the first one was 6 days old -- and the second one has been created that *same* day. At that point I realized I was being Griefed. And whomever it was who was harassing me what using throw-away avatars to do so. This continued for weeks. The second week I bought a security orb and the scan time was once a second and the activation time was 1 second. Despite this some of these avatars still manage do get into my home. I don't know how. The other problem with this without going into a lot of detail, I have Panic Disorder. So not only were these invasions very disturbing to me, but I also panicked while they happened, totally forgetting to use the Abuse Reporting. So out of maybe 20-30 on these attacks only 1 or 2 were reported, I did stay in my home. After a few weeks while I was in SL, I happened to come home and the entire building that had been my house had been *deleted*. Al the things in what had been my home were just floating in mid-air. The landlord blamed me for for this, although I think from his behavior he likely did this himself. He then evicted me. ---------------- so a few days ago I rent a skybox for security and also placed my security orb in it. I had not been harassed since I left the previous sim. HOWEVER.. Today I received in my personal email that someone named "athamon" was "Following Me". I'm not even sure what that is in SL. But when I looked at the profile, it has been created that same day and had no details had been added in it,*except* for one Pick which was for this group: "Men as Meat: An adult group for gay and bisexual Men who are into extreme RL such as torture, rape, snuff...." I have not the slightest doubt that this was done by whomever has been Grieving me and the choice of that one group was clearly meant as a threat against me. The problem is I don't know how to report it. By itself it looks very strange, but given everything else that has happened I think there isn't any question of my continuing to being stalked and harassed. Also this is not inworld, so I don't know what to do. Can someone please help me? I am scared. -- Frank Lincoln (franklincoln)
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