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  1. I would use Live Chat, but it's not online right now, and I'm not very patient. I found the number for billing issues but I'm not sure if that's the right one.
  2. I'd like to wear my alpha for my shoes so that my feet don't show through it, but I'd also like to wear my mesh pants which require an alpha. I've tried wearing them both at the same time but it replaces the current one. I also tried creating an alpha but they're not the same as the ones that came with the products.
  3. What in the world? You're right, Dres, I will elaborate! How are basic accounts able to get into premium sandboxes?
  4. Like, for example, I want the lighting to be in sync with what time it is for me in reality. I don't like when it is 3 PM in Second Life and it is dark out! I'm using the Phoenix Firestorm-Beta-Mesh viewer. Thank you!
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