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  1. It has become more popular to roleplay sex in ims so as not have 20 people talking over each other in local chat.
  2. Investigate deeply the lifestyle deeply and don't rush into it. Go to bdsm sims and talk to different people. If a Master/Mistress does not respect your limits then run very fast from him/her because this most often is the signs of a controlling Master/Mistress. This is your second life.
  3. I have since left because it was just to emotionally draining. On the SIM there was multi skyboxes to hang out in. There was a few avatars that would show up that the master said were not him but friends of his in the skybox when he was not online. Now call me a bit old fashion but wouldn't this be wrong for a friend of a Master to be on SIM if he is not online hanging out around his girls. Even in Gor sims I imagine there are private parts of the SIM even friends of the master would not just be hanging out with his friends girls when the were not online.
  4. I had also had issues with RLV turning it self off many times. At night I would say good night to master and log off sl with RLV on. I went right to bed. In the morning I would log on SL and say morning to the master and find the RLV off. They would say either I turned it off on purpose which I didn't do or I was on an alt which unless I was sleep walking didn't happen either. Then everyone would say....... well it don't turn it self off and no one else has that happen. So basically I was lying why it was off. When I got really upset about being called a liar they would come with somethi
  5. He is not a new Master but recently been wanting me home on his SIM whether or not he is on so that when he does come on I am there. I had a job and children before him and he doesn't understand part of my life is on another SIM. He thinks that bdsm submission and Gor slavery are the same thing. That submitting myself to him I am giving complete say over everything to him as a slave. It is hard to talk to a Master when they are making sure you see that there rules are being followed but posting them instead of listening to what is on your mind.
  6. I have tried to talk to him as a submissive and he says you have my rules and agreed to them so you have to follow them. There is no wiggle room to the rules. I feel more like a gor slave rather then a bdsm submissive in that it is follow my rules and that is how it is. I have sl children and a teaching job that i cant really go to because I have to be on the sim all the time. I tried to tell him this isnt what being a sub is but he won't listen
  7. I am seriously thinking of walking from a Master as a sub. I don't think he understands what it means to be a dom of a submissive but treats me as a slave with no rights to go anywhere with out his permission. I know he cares but he is a bit to controlling and I am the one that has to give up everything to please him. Any thoughts
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