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  1. Recently my landlady could no longer afford to hold on to her sim ( Aquitaine ) where I was renting a sky platform. She informed me with ample time that she was no longer able to, a week before the sim closed on 01/15/13. So I took that time before the sim was reclaimed, to go out looking for another plot of land I could rent. Come 01/15/13 and the sim was reclaimed, but all the items I still had on there have not been returned. Is there a way to reclaim those items? I'm sure I wasn't the only one on the sim that had items there and I'm sure everyone would very much like to have all their goods back as we've all paid for these things on said sim.
  2. Very recently I've been having issues with streaming audio. Namely I can't hear any audio stations that are formated as web adresses, however if I put in the address for the stration using the ip address format it plays without a problem. Example, The Buzz.FM's streaming media address is: http://scfire-dtc-aa05.stream.aol.com:80/stream/1022 But if I put this into my parcel's audio tab and hit play on my SL audio player all I get is silence. HOWEVER if I put The Buzz.FM's IP web media address, which is: I'm able to listen when I put THAT in the Audio Tab of my parcel and hit play on my SL audio player. I've apparently been having this issue on ALL parcels though that use shoutcast media or AOL or simply anything that isn't formated as an IP web address. This seems to be happening with any viewer I use as well. I've tried on Imprudence and can't get audio working unless its IP address formated. Can I get any assistance in this matter?
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