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  1. Every 10 minutes i get a chat message reading, "Unlucky Chair 13th generation..This prize wasnt claimed...etc" I am geting this on my own property with no one else around. Not sure how it happened, but i would like it to stop. Im sure it is a matter of ignoring someone or something, but could anyone shed a little light on this? I understand its some sort of game, but im not at all interested. Thanks! **Thanks CIn,, Ill try that when i get home! ***Yes, thats exactly what it was. My neighbor put it right next to the property line. Even though i did mute it. i didnt think about how
  2. I have a prim on my land i cannot delete or select. It is transparent, but has a visible light source. So i guess my question is how do delete or take invisble prims? Having a similar problem trying to find a TP landing spot iw ould like to move. Is there a wireframe mode or something? please help. I'm using Firestorm. *EDIT* Im not sure what i mean by "TP landing spot " either. lol. Im writing this from work. You guys have totally helped me out! Thanks. I cant wait to go home and delete that friggin prim!
  3. What is the best way to FIND and BUY (not rent) a 512sqm parcel on ADULT land? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Since I don't know what viewer you are using, its hard to give you exact instructions, but you should be able to use the Search to see Adult only Mainland parcels for sale. Here is a screen shot from the search using Viewer 3.2. Notice that only Adult is marked and the list is sorted by Type to get Mainland listings. You can refine the search using the Area, Type and Price range on the left side as well --Cinn Thanks, Cinn!
  4. When i select the land it is on, it says the owner is Governor Linden, and the Abndon button is greyed out. Also, it appears to be selecting land that a number of homes are on. This is a Free Linden Home,.
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