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  1. Endless808

    dancer script

    Been searching for a script to where i can make a full song dancer with dancing animations any help would be awesome thanks
  2. Endless808

    cloudy sky

    Thanks charlotte and kobuk I will try it when I get online tonight BTW really like your pics on your avi u have on here really nice job ) have an awesome day thankies so much *huggies* <3
  3. Endless808

    cloudy sky

    After I get the effect I want in twilight settings is it possible to save it for my homestead so other ppl can see it also
  4. Endless808

    cloudy sky

    I saw a really nice sim the other day it had a dark sky almost black with really fast moving clouds does anyone know what environment setting that is kinda it reminds me of the matrix when Morpheus showed neo the real world the blackened skies really love that look any help on this would be awesome
  5. try deleting payment info then adding it back again lol hope this helps
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