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  1. So my account was created on the Teen Grid, I left it sitting for a long time and when I logged in again a couple months ago I found that I cannot edit the 'About' section of my profile. Originally on the teen grid there was no About section of profiles, but now that the grids have been merged I expected to be able to edit the About section of my profile. Anyone have any ideas on why this doesent work now?
  2. My account was originally created back in the teen grid days. After the grids were merged I logged onto the account and find that I cannot see the 'About me' section of my profile (right below the groups list), and I can't see it on anyone elses profiles either. I am age-verified, so I don't understand why I can't see that area of the profile. It also removes the classifieds section of my profile as well. Any ideas as to why my former Teen grid account looks like this when my main grid accounts dont?
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