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  1. Dragon Photography is accepting clients! I do portrait and erotic photography with very reasonable and competitive rates! You can see my portfolio here: Dragon Photography portfolio I have a large variety of props as well as a full studio and gallery. Message me in world for rates at arthuris1974. Let me photograph your dreams!
  2. Bridgeport Estates is a quaint Family Roleplay Community with 16 sims consisting of two counties: Chestnut County and Belleview County. The counties are connected by a bridge on an open water sim for sailing!!! Housing ranges from low income housing to luxury homes. We offer weekly community events, elections and some of the most beautifully decorated sims around. We also offer the standard RP service such as Police, Fire, Medical and a legal department and we are currently hiring for RP positions! What sets us apart? Unlike many communities we are actively growing and strengthening our role play. We will be offering RP classes to those who are new to RP as well as those who just want a refresher. Bridgeport Estates is poised to become one of the more active family communities in Second Life. Intrigued? Come check us out! Rental Office Bridgeport website
  3. I'd like to find someone who can build a 1980 Ferrari 380 GTS, red with black trim and beige interior. I would like an excellent quality build. Please leave a comment and a a sample image of your work. Thank you.
  4. When I cross a sim line, there are NO ban lines and NO nearby properties with Ban lines, I get ejected from my vehicle. It doesn't matter if I am driving or if I am a passenger. What is causing this? I live in an area that is 16 sims combined to make a city and suburbs and there are a lot of drivable roads and it happens everytime. What causes this and how can I fix it?
  5. I have a 1/8 parcel and want to change the texture of the land. Is there a way to do that with-out effecting the entire sim?
  6. I needed to remove some items from my shopping cart and the cart will not update as if the 'Remove from Cart' Link isn't working. I even tried to update quantities to zero and there was still no change. Please assist. Thank you.
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