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  1. Milliways is back! For the 3rd year running Galactic Hitchhikers presents the Restaurant at the End of the Universe for 2012 Towel Day celebrations! Join us on May 25 for a day long event.We have a host of entertainment for your enjoyment, including last year's headliners Suzan Littlething and DJ Gilliam performing live. Get your best/worst poems ready for our Vogon Poetry Contest, and dig out those terrible outfits for the "Worst Dressed Sentient in the Universe" contest, both with cash prizes! Milliways is now open for casual RP and general hanging about, come see!! Milliways 2012 is hosted by the Extropia sim: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Extropia%20Core/51/16/2508 Be there on the 25th for the hoopiest party in SL!! If you are an entertainer and would like to get in on the fun please feel free to contact either myself or DarthVenger Blackheart inworld.
  2. I don't do too much SWRP anymore, but when I did Mos Espa was my favorite. The people who run the place rock, and combat system there, the RHCS is not only one of the best around it's free.
  3. I am looking for an animation to stick your thumb out and hitch a ride, anyone seen one?
  4. I would pay very many L's just to have it made, then whoever makes it could sell it as they like.....
  5. I don't want it full perm at all, I just want the outfit,lol. I would be more than happy if someone made it and sold it....and I wouldn't want anything more out of it than to wear it with glee. I have a cheap version of the outfit, it...but it's about worth the 1L I paid for it and it clashes with the rest of my higher quality stuff. I just want a better version.
  6. Im looking for the same thing, find someone let me know
  7. ....I did put in wanted too/lots of views no replies, and i have messaged several million residents in world about it. Im just trying to widen the net. It really means a lot to me. The RP character I play and my avatar name are named after the girl from Lexx who's outfit this is.
  8. No I didnt, not that tallented hehe. Its from a sci fi tv show called Lexx. I have a cheapie one i wear in SL that i was already surprised to find. The show has more of a cult following than mainstream popularity. The cheapie one i wear in great, but it is you know- cheapie. Im looking to upgrade
  9. Does anyone know of a clothier who will do high quality work on commision? I am looking to have a specific dress and tank top made, and can of course pay well for the work. Examples below: Front-
  10. Does anyone know of a script that can be put in a hud or in world device where you can say something on a channel and get a specified reply from a notecard?
  11. I will pay top linden, btw. Essentially its just a skirt and tank top I am looking for
  12. I am looking for someone talleted in clothes making to make me a specific sci-fi character's dress. I have a freebie version I have been wearing long enough, I would like something high quility. I have plenty of pics for referance. Contact me in world if you can help.
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