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  1. I know I need to get more sleep, *sigh* but I've already looked for a solution on yahoo answ, ers not even the medication I was prescribed even worked. Im 16, I feel my life is boring, well I suppose every teen life is. Get up, get dress, go to school by afternoon am tired as hell, need to some how muster the strength to do homework and chores (god knows how I would handle a job). Ever since I was in grade 3, (I am in grade 10 now) I've wanted to be an authour. Of course my preception of authours have changed since then, but I still love writing, still want to be a published authour. I love creating stories but well... I've been finding it hard to write. Everyone I know who bothered to read my writing have said I am really good and I believe them. But I'm struggling. The book im writing I've been writing since year 8... I never got the first draft done. I got pass halfway, lost the copy, had to rewrite. I call this my "second draft" though, it is far better then the original draft. But I've only done the first 5 chapters, I havent writtern in ages, Im finding it hard to get into a routine. I dont know what im going to do in year 11, when I'll be loaded with homework and study. I can barely manage it now. Do you have suggestions? This book I am writing I really feel good about, I really want to get this published, but the task seems impossible. What are you suggestions? Should I just pratice writing short stories or something then continue my novel when I leave school? http://www.uklv.info/g.php Just as an add onIm going to be getting a bachelors of arts in university, and considering a post graduate course to become a libraian. Do you think thats a good idea?
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