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    Oculus Rift

    The build is so old that it does not recognise a Nvidia GTX 980. I don't know why they bothered putting on the front page that it supports Oculous Rift VR when the build can't even handle the latest graphics cards. Don't hold your breath on it getting fixed quickly, they shoulda build in support for Vive, since occulus can run many HTC Vive games.
  2. Barb Deir

    mesh bodies

    The mesh body is an object just like mesh clothing would be. They come with a skin that has no textures (is invisable) rather than a alpha layer like mesh clothing will have. They do that to completly hide the second life body from view so only the mesh body is visable when you put it on, Look in your mesh body folder and find the object that is the mesh body and you should be fine after that.
  3. That sounds like a firwall issue to me. are you running any type of security software that has firewall capability other than the windows 8 built in firewall?
  4. I am looking for a drawling type tablet and the surface pro 3 sounds like it fits the bill. being able to run photoshop decently, and from what i have read the drawing pen works nicely. I am sure its able to run sl as well, but with the intel video card i have my doubts as so how well it will run sl. does anyone have one of these that cant shed some light on its preformance?
  5. I say we need to start bug reporting this every day. The devs suggest you contact the merchents, and thats fine for a quick fix to get your item. But this is getting worse every day. And If we just IM the merchent all the time for our stuff.. whats the point of the market. Sometimes its takes 4 to 5 hours to get your items, and if you are logged out, it will not deliver it at all and state that it was. You contact LL about it, Ohh we have not heard of any issues like that.. well...no Cr8p you want us to solve our own problems insted of addressing them. I been submitting tickets and bug reports for it but i am just one person.
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