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  1. I have an issue, with crashing. I have updated my Video Dirvers, removed all traces of SL from my Computer even the left over Registry files. Rebooted my pc. nothing is fixing this crash. When i go to edit something ill crash, also i cant open boxes ill crash >.> I have tryed 4 diffrent viewers, this all started when SL did the server side update. i knwo im not the only one with the issue. if i use a viewer that Doesnt support serverside rendering, i wont crash. any advice woudl be great :D
  2. How can i find out what was in a folder that i had traded to someone, if it is no longer in my inva. this was with in a 1-2 weeks time
  3. Dont end the magicboxes LL u guys are stupid so many people use this, and we love it I cant drag n drop items in to the merchint outbox, it wont allow me to put anything in to it
  4. my avatar is invasable and i have tryed a rebake relog full uninstall and deleted all files related to SL nothing is working and i have done all kinds of char tests and nothing is working how can i fix this please help me out here
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