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  1. Hi Rolig, thank you for the link but.. I can't reach my inventory because I can't log into SL something happened to my avatar or my account that wont let me log in to SL anymore. every time I try to log in, the viewer get stuck (not responding) when it reaches the point of "loading world" . I just don't know what to do anymore. (
  2. I accidentally clicked on "wear" instead of "remove" using the firestorm viewer, so over 60 folders of clothing started to attach to my avatar, which got my computer stuck and creash. Ever since that, I can't log in to SL, I downloaded different vieweres and they all get suck and crash when they try load everything... I cleared cache from all viewrs, I can log with my other avatar but not with the one who had the clothing accident. it is completely lost now? I can NOT detach all these folders without LOGGING IN first... if there's a way to deatch all folder without being inworld, then please tell me how. I can't edit my inventory because I am not allowed to log in SL. Do I need LL to do something? I can't log in to SL. is there anything I can do to fix it? will I ever be able to use my avatar again ? :((( please help
  3. Thank you for the quick reply, I did try my best to explain to her, she refused to listen all she said was " I will report you and you will give me back my money " even tho her money never got to me. I hope it will be sorted out soon. Thanks again for reassuring me
  4. Hello I have a store on MP and I am still using magic box since I sell pets and it's limited quantity one of each. I never had a problem before until now, a woman contacted me saying she bought 3 items and never got them from me. I checked both my SL page for transaction history and my MP merchant page order history, I never got paid by this woman, I see in merchat order page that she "bought" 3 items but next to that in delievery statuse it syas " Not Paid " and there for "Undelivered". I tried to explain to the woman, that I never got paid by her, I told her that maybe it's a bug and she will get her items soon, I even showed her what it says on my page not being paid, I didn't see a single L$ from her she is not even in my transaction history but she didn't believe me and said " I will report you to LL " I tried to reason with her but she wouldn't listen. I don't want anyone to report me, especially when I did nothing wrong, I can't just give her the itmes, she never paid for. My question is, how do I protect myself from being reported or how do I explain that to LL when they ask, I am an open book and they can check whatever they want, everything is documented and they can see that she never paid therefor recived the items. Your help and suggestions, please! I never had this problem before and don't wish to start having problems now. Thank you and hoping to hear from someone soon. Sidney Elan :)
  5. Czari dear, I sent you a thank you message inworld but you were offline. I thank you endlessly for everything! Hugs x
  6. Hi Trinity and thanks for the reply. I have 338 items on my MP store, I never had to fill in all the categories, most of them yes but some like "SKU" or "animated GIF" or "related items" or URL... I never used them and I don't even know what some of them mean. I did however filled in the rest of the product information very carefully just as I did with the first 335 items. Only the 3 new items can't be activated. The product page is filled with all the info and price and the right quantity and a photo I click on active every time and I get the "successfully updated" message but actually it stays inactive. I did go to the several time to the magic box sync page if I hadn't then I would not have been able to edit my new items, but I did as you said and went there again, I can see the new items there, under "unassociated inventory" on the right row at the top of the list since they are my latest addition BUT they are not activated even thou they should be and the system thinks they are active. The fact is... I did everything right, I did everything as I did before the same way I added 335 items before these 3 and never had a problem, I don't know why this is happening, maybe the problem is with my store?! I thought it had something to do with the year changing but if you can do it then I guess it's not... I sent back to the magic box all of the items (since I removed them yesterday in order to use the merchant outbox that failed) all of my old items are fine and active the problem is only with new listings. I can edit any of my old items just not activate the new ones. Should I contact someone from support? How do I file a ticket for that matter? Thank you for your time and willing to help, much appreciated.
  7. Of course I did. I added the new items, of course I clicked the MB inworld to sync and of course I can see any new item as unassociated and I edit all the information regarding to that item, what I am saying is, I added my new items and *I* can see them but no one else can because when I check the "active" box near the item's name or even inside the page for the editing option, nothing happens. It tells me that I have updated my store but the new items are still unlisted. My problem with the magic box is that I can not activate new items, I can add them and see them and edit their info but can not make them "listed". I hope you can understand what I am trying to say, maybe I am not explaining myself well... I have 2 problems. 1 is the new system with the merchant outbox which doesn't work AT ALL for me, I tried moving items from my inventory to that new outbox and nothing shows up. I even created a new store for that and still, the items "successfully" went to the marketplace but where???? They are not shown on my new or old store, so I really have no idea where they are. And problem 2 is the magic box not allowing me to activate any new items. I also did the test with the box like you... I thought maybe my items were corrupted so I created a simple box and tried adding it to my store and of course I could, I added it and edit the info but when it was time to check the active tab so it would be listed, nothing happened, no green "check" sign. If you have any idea why, I'd love to hear it and try fixing it somehow. Thank you.
  8. Thanks Czari, for the link! My problem with the magic box is that I can not add new items, so it seems, can you? And I've heard that soon enough magic boxes wont be even allowed to be used?! is that true? All of my items are no copy, I guess that's a problem for the new DD thing isn't it?
  9. When I tried to add more new items to my magic box it didn't allow me to, I could add the items but not to make them active for sale so I thought it was a glitch or something maybe something to do with a new calendar year... So when I asked about it, another merchant said that hardly anyone is using magic box anymore they all switched to this new merchant outbox thing. Maybe the fact LL doesn't support it anymore means I can't add new items to my store?! Either way, I'm screwed. Cause now I don't have the listings on this merchant outbox nor the magic box and all my items are no out there anymore. I seriously have no idea what to do next.
  10. I just found out that I can't use the magic box anymore for my MP store, so I am really trying to follow the tutorial but I have no idea what is going on and I am SO stuck. All my listed items are "no copy" (scripted pets) so I can't copy them like suggested. What I did was, I moved all the items from the magic box back into my inventory and from there into the merchant outbox. Not only that it took 7 times to get the "success" message for the 3 items I chose to gamble with (I wasn't gonna lose my entire store inventory) so not only that BUT when I go to my store > merchant home > manage listings, nothing is showing there!! Where are the 3 items that got "success"?? there's nothing under the "unassociated" inventory items, inworld I saw the message saying "success" but nothing on my manage listings. I am so lost, don't know what to do now, if there is something who could take the time and go with me, step by step I would be forever grateful! I am so freaked out right now! Please help. Thank you.
  11. thanks for the quick reply, I did as you suggested well... I am trying to do that as we speak and I keep getting a page where I see all my items in a list and the title says: "import failure log" I don't know what to do... I can't copy the items since they are no copy, I sell the original, quantity 1... I don't want to lose the items and I can't seem to be able to move them to the new selling system... what should I do now?
  12. I have an active store on MP, last time I added an item to it was in 2012. today I was trying to add new items to sell on my MP store but the system wont let me turn them active, I have added the items and I can see them when I click on "manage listing" and the right quantity but it's not allowing me to turn the items active for sale. why is that? is there a glitch because it's 2013 now? how can I add new listings to my MP store now? do I need a new "magic box"? your help please. thank you
  13. Hi, I have a store on MP and my items are only one copy (breedable pets) so when someone buys one it can't be sold again. When I look at the listing the sold item is still there "for sale". Is there a way that the sold items would be removed automatically from the list? I wouldn't want someone else to try and buy an item that has already been sold and unavailable. Your urgent help. Thanks
  14. Hi, I bought dance animations for my dance hud... they were no copy so when I dragged them into my hud... they "left" the inventory and "went in" my hud... I saw each and every one of the animations in my hud and I could even use them but today... I don't know what happened, I didn't touch anything and the animations are gone. they are not in the hud's content nor in my inventory, they are all gone!! I have no idea where or how to get them back. I still have the empty boxes with the names of the animations in my inventory but no actual animations. the dance hud is by Henmation store and I can see the names of the dances inside the playlist on the web but since they are not in my hud anymore... only the names show in the inworld hud but not the animations. I've been reading some of other people's suggestions and I cleared my cache and reloged and restarted my computer but nothing helped. my animations are gone! please help me get them back... I can't afford to buy any more... they cost too much as it is. please help me.
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