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  1. how do i apply? what nights are yall open?
  2. Volleyball players still needed. Starting pay starts at 200L for 2 hours a week always on sundays at 3pm... thats our schedule. We will hire anyone who needs a job although we prefer 14 days or older we are willing to work with you if needed to be as long as you understand basics of second life (type,groups,walk,jump, change clothes) seek me inworld by message or nc if I don't respond within 24hrs exspect my ims got capped so send me a nc. evoluchun1981
  3. STill looking for DJ's, Dancers, & Hosts please contact inworld if interested. We are a new club tryin to get off the ground floor and need a dedicated staff to work with us and grow with us. If you think this is you then please stop by our club and grab a application and send back to me via the board at the front entrance. You must speak english.... Hope to hear from you soon.... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Three%20Rivers/28/38/23
  4. Job fair goin on right now.... We are in search of DJ's, Hosts/Hostess, and Dancers (not strippers just dancers) If you think you have what it takes come see us. We will be here at the club at least another hour so stop by and see us you might jsut walk away with a job today... We will be here up til 4pm slt at least. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Three%20Rivers/28/38/23
  5. update board is now fixed and u can simply drop the nc's when done into my board on the wall that has my pic on it...
  6. i will contact you in world and send you the application not sure why it did that I will have to talk to the owenr about that thanks for lettin me know. If anyone else has issues jsut contact me inworld til i can get the board fixed evoluchun1981
  7. do you have what it takes to be a Angel or Devil? Come on down and sign up for volleyball and see if you can hang with us. We play one day a week on sundays for now we are in practice season will be coming up soon. We will play real games in front of your friends. The Hud and uniform are free upon hiring. We pay $100L a hour you practice or play. Most days are 2 hours a day. So come check us out and we even offer some free housing and shopping areas in our parcel. Take the slurl below and walk straight back to teleport and click volleyball if you want to see the volleyball court. It is still under reconstruction for season games but practice area is up now. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Homerlone/167/181/1501 If interested in the job contact evoluchun1981 about the job
  8. Hello we are looking for Dj's, Dancers, and Hosts at the new and upcoming dance club Emerald Dreams. 100% Tips for all staff. We are on a moderate sim so no nudity or adult actions permitted. Come down to the club and get a application today. Be apart of a great up and coming club. Hope to see you there. You have to be at least 14 days old although we prefer at least 30 but will train. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Three%20Rivers/28/38/23
  9. WES is pretty active i just enrolled my daughter there
  10. My teams are almost full I only have 2 more spots to fill as a "Devil" on a volleyabll team. Women only and preferably at least 14 days old. 100L a week one day a week on sundays. Please contact in world for job evoluchun1981
  11. My teams are almost full I only have 2 more spots to fill as a "Devil" on a volleyabll team. Women only and preferably at least 14 days old. 100L a week one day a week on sundays. Please contact in world for job evoluchun1981
  12. I went there to check out the sim and it looks very nicely put together yet no info center in the area jsut goes into a gun shop. Could you give more info and I saw no one there so is the sim really new or something. Do you pay for any of the positions or is it jsut for fun. I'm interested in roleplaying a lawyer myself
  13. Hiring today at 4pm slt for volleyball team. Women only! At least 14 days old at least please I can make some changes to that fact if you have an alt or whatever. Please come today to the following SLURL if you want on the team. You will work one day a week for 2 hours and that ssunday may practice if I think you need it along the way. You get 100L a week for about 3 hours of your time. We hope to see you there today with more questions or to be hired on the spot. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Homerlone/168/183/1501 Take the slurl and go straight back to transport then click teleport to volleyball if you can't find it or need help please send me a message inworld. evoluchun1981 Emerald
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