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  1. hi i need to change my limit little more cause i have lands need to pey them also i need to charge my account more so i need to change my limit to the next level or to bussnis level please
  2. hello, good day all can you make my limit more to buy more linden ? thanks
  3. Hello i use my visa many time and it work to by linden. but this time i try since 5 days ago and i couldn't buy linden i don't know why :( when i try to buy linden i got this messege. Buy L$ : Payment Cancelled We are unable to complete your request. Your payment was cancelled. Try Again i need your help cause my visa worked before and i charged my account many time.
  4. hi i finished my limit already but i need to use more linden without waiting for my 27 days to finish ? is there any way to buy the lindens without waiting for that days ? i already increase my limit but i can't use the new limit until the 27 days finish is there any help ?
  5. hi i want to ask how i can make my limit more without waiting for the days and thanks can i do that or i have to wait ?
  6. Hi everyone can anyone help me? I finished my limit and I can't buy linden now cause I finished it. when I can buy linden again and how I can make my limit more
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