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  1. Thanks for your replies. I did find the knowlege base item useful but it doesnt really tell me how to leave everythign else on the sim as it is. All we realy want to do is have another premium account member in the group take over paying tier to LL. The member currently paying tier to LL wants to down grade their account which is the main reason we have to transfer ownership as far as the lab is conerned. The group member currently paying tier would remain a member of the group so all his items will remain on the sim, as will everyone else's, but they are not all going to be transferrable w
  2. Can anyone tell me please how to transfer a full prim estate sim between members of a group? Currently the sim is deeded to the group, but one of the group members pays the tier to LL. Another member needs to take over paying tier for various reasons. I expect the current paying member and the new paying member has to put in a ticket but would appreciate any help with how to change thigns over so we keep all the prims on the sim as they currently are - or any advice about anything I might need to know thanks in advance
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